Death Notice: The Rise of Thay

A Look into the Dark Side

Ellesmere returns and the party continues its search for the Lost Heir

7 Kythorn, 1479 DR

1) The fate of Ellesmere is revealed. After exploring a mysterious arcane disturbance, she is pulled to a strange, dark mirror of Neverwinter.

2) After hiding from a zombie and three strange men, she decides to reveal herself and demand to know where she is.  The three men, who Ellesmere quickly recognizes as vampires, attack her.

3) Ellesmere tries to escape but is overcome by a vampire’s poisoned blade. As her senses fade, a mysterious wizard comes to her defense. Before Ellesmere falls unconscious, she recognizes the voice of her former master, Valindra.

4) Ellesmere awakens in a bed at an inn. An Eladrin woman who introduces herself as XYZ tells her that a mysterious woman left her here, paying for her room.

5) The rest of the group makes there way to the House of a Thousand Faces. After meeting with the owner, they are told to talk to the Dead Rat Charl.

6) Ellesmere comes down the stairs and is reunited with the rest of the group, including newcomer Akakios.

7) The group goes to the common room to talk to Charl, a fat and greedy pestilent boil of a halfling whose grotesque figure is matched by his overwhelming smug condescension. When they find Charl, Iuean confronts him aggressively, not being able to ignore the sins of gluttony, lust and avarice seeping from this wretch. Quickly, a group of thugs grabs the party, restraining the brave adventurers.

8) Charl singles out Paetr, calling him the “Reaver of Luskan.” Hoping to show his strength, Charl engages Paetr in single unarmed combat.

9) As Paetr and Charl fight, Riseld is able to break free from his captor. As he does, Iuean’s righteous indignation quickly transforms into dark wrath, as he transforms into a fierce black wolf that begins tearing at the bandits.

10) Combat ensues.  The party is able to subdue (or kill) Charl and his goons.

11) Charl tells them that the Sons of Alagondar and the Dead Rats can be found in the sewers and the underlying Kraken Tunnels.  An access point can be found in Blacklake Swamp.

8 Kythorn, 1479 DR

12) After resting for the night, the group heads out to Blacklake Swamp. They are attacked by strange plant monsters, corruptions from the swamp, but defeat them handedly.


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