Death Notice: The Rise of Thay

Enter Chet Doppler!

When it rains, it pours fire.

7 Mirtul, 1479 DR

We pick up our story at the tower of the Weather Guild and we find team Waterdeep watching the activity of the Level 1 Weather Event. An elemental boulder lands in NW ward of and the Weather Guild loses contact with Weather Chopper 3. Orsino whips out a standard Adventurer’s Guild contract for Sir Winston “Cloudstorm” to sign to have the Adventure’s Guild help recover Chopper 3 and the pilot.

The team heads out to the NW ward, except for Darkscale who is too exhausted from all the chaos magic. At the location they find an elemental boulder and the downed gnome, but no sign of the Chopper. While the team tries to revive the gnome, the boulder spits out little elementals that attack the team. The team defeats elementals and Craig Arrowman points to the sky as Chopper 3 slowly descends from the sky.

Riding Weather Copper 3 is a small gnome who begins ranting and raving at Vince. Actually, he starts raving at everyone and everything, including some inanimate objects. Craig Arrowman, tired of all the talking, starts shooting at the chopper. Enraged by this action, Chet starts stabbing his pudgy fingers at his bracer lined with gems and says, “You’ve forced me to accelerate my plan!” The large boulder comes to life as a large elemental monster. The monster than spits out little fire, air, and earth elementals who sometimes will combine into another elemental creature.

The team engages the elemental monsters and near the end of the battle Craig Arrowman takes off down the street to brings down Chopper 3 and capture Chet. After getting burned, singed, and covered in molten rock, the team finally defeat all the elemental monsters. Elsewhere Craig Arrowman unleashes a volley of owl feathered arrows to bring down Chopper 3 and capture Chet Doppler. The team catch up with Craig and Vince is able to study the bracelet and deactivate the storm/elemental attack.

As the party combs the street for chopper wreckage and weather gear, Orsino liberates a choice bottles of wine from the wine shop that buffered the landing of Chopper 3. Craig and Orsino take Chet back to the guild hall and the rest of the part take the injured gnome, Chase Storm, back to the Weather Guild Hall. There they find the Weather Guild’s doors broken down, people injured, and destruction from battle.

It appears that the Guild Hall was attacked, perhaps by the boulder that Darkscale has been dragging around from the first attack near the Adventure’s Guild Hall. Sir Winston belittles Vince about their rescue of the gnome, but the team does not reveal that they captured Chet nor any of the raving Chet said about controlling the weather, accusing Vince of his downfall, about attacking Waterdeep, or getting his revenge on the Shawarma Shack II.

The team return to the Adventure’s Guild Hall and interrogate Chet. He says he got the weather/elemental controlling bracelet from some lady who told him to attack Waterdeep one week after the ship Endeavor left for Neverwinter. The team informs Arkon (sp?) to inform Lord Godfrey that an attack on Neverwinter and/or Neverember might be imminent, then they make plans to address the Lords of Neverwinter who might be in session due to the recent weather attack.

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