Death Notice: The Rise of Thay

From frying pan to fire

It's a trap!

Prologue: Two shadowy figures make their way to the door of a large, imposing building. A brief exchange occurs between the figures at the door and an unknown figure behind the door, a negotiation for a special job. An agreement is reached and the figures withdraw. As the figures move back into the dark, we learn that one of figures is XXX and that the building is the Greyrock Ziggurat, Waterdeep’s Maximum Security Penitentiary. (Andrew, feel free to change the name. I don’t remember if you gave it one.)

Flashy Waterdeep Adventure’s Guild Intro and Theme Music: Heroic montage of Darkscale, slick stills of Orsino, calm moments with Sarta, dwarven drinking songs with Carlos and his magical mordenkrad, and some shady Thayan guy buying cloths to cover up his obscene tattoos. Cut to stills of the MIA: Captain Thorne riding off on his airship, Vincent pulling lines on a sea ship, and Craig Arrowman sitting in a tree.

Opening: The WAG find themselves at the Prancing Unicorn, one of the few establishments they have yet to burn, break, cheat, or make themselves unwelcome. Besides the normal barflies found at the Unicorn drinking at 9 AM, we find the WAG team lamenting the loss of their Guildhouse since it was closed due to the ongoing investigation of the death of the Lord of Arcana and their attack on Waterdeep Wizarding Academy. Carlos and Darkscale drink rambunctiously one corner of the Pub while Orsino and the Thayan sit separately, trying to pretend they don’t know anyone.

Sarta rushes in with wet hair, wearing a snazzy dressing robe, and waving an old tome. Excitedly he goes to Orsino and starts to explain that he may have found a legal precedent regarding the killing of a Masked Lord of Waterdeep that may help in their defense. As they pour over the tome, the doors open and in walks XXX and the hooded man seen with him in the intro.

“We seek the Waterdeep Adventures Guild,” says XXX. “Who’s the Waterdeep Adventures Guild?” belches Darkscale. “Ah, you must be Darkscale, I’ve heard so much about you! And you must be Carlos, and you Orsino, Sarta, and… I’m not sure I know this hooded gentleman,” says XXX looking over the robed Thayan. “No matter, let me continue by saying I have a proposal for you all.”

The team proceeds to clear the room of the barflies and staff; Normus, Cliffus, Samus, and Coachus, then they get down to business. “Who are you and what do you want,” shouts Darkscale. Not so much in anger, but because Darkscale always shouts.

“Ah, my good Madame,” says the hooded one, “we seek that you bring to justice a Thayan agent the same way you brought the other agent to justice.”

“I don’t underspland,” slurs Darkscale, “what kind of justice?”

“You know, JUSTICE,” says XXX.

“What?” replies Darkscale.

“Kill him, KILL HIM!” shouts the hooded man, clearly exasperated.

“Oh, we can do that, but what’s in it for us?” asks Darkscale.

“Well, we could make things go in your favor in the investigation on your attack on the Waterdeep Wizarding Academy,” says the hooded one.

“Who are you to promise that?” interjects Orsino.

The hooded one produces something from his robes and lays it on the table. It is the office badge of the Waterdeep Penitentiary Department. A large, palm sized object that carries their motto, “Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.” (In the Waterdeep Latin equivalent.) The two men sit back and watch as the team examine the badge of office.

“Looks real to me,” mumbles Sarta to the rest of the team as he and Orsino examine the badge.

“Who is it and what can you tell us,” asks Carlos.

“There’s a Thayan agent working with someone you’ve already encountered in the past, Francis Connerhoufbrow.” The robed figure pulls out some paper and passes them to Sarta. “Here’s all our surveillance information. We know he’s meeting with a Thayan agent, we leave the details up to you. Our only stipulation is that take XXX here with you all to observe the proceedings.”

Fluff mcguffin, the team takes the case. (I must have been distracted by the pizza at this point. Why did we agree to do it?)

The hooded figure leaves and the team study the supplied paperwork. After failing our checks, the team determines that their best idea would be to waylay Houfenbrou away from his house on the assumption that it would be the most secured and fortified position. And even if he’s using multiple routes and decoys, he still would end up at the same office. Further analysis indicate that he dismisses his staff on certain late evenings at the office, ostensibly to meet with his Thayan contact. The timing of these past events indicate that another meeting might be taking place that very evening. The team packs up and head over to the Cheese Guild’s headquarters.

Everything looks dark and deserted at Cheese Guild headquarters, perfect for someone who was meeting in secret with the Thayan enemy. The team make their way through the building, finally entering an atrium area just below the office of Connerhoufbrow. The atrium is a wide open space, half of which has been made into a rocky zen garden with a large statue in the middle. As the team makes their way forward Carlos begins to think the large statue is made of salt and makes his way over to it to lick it.

One of Darkscale’s air sprites rushes out from her robes and into the zen garden. Suddenly the air is filled with the strong smell of spices. Strange since one would expect the strong smells of cheese. Little elementals of spice rise from the rocky garden and attack the party; Coriander, Thyme, Rosemary, Cumin, Nutmeg, Sage, Fennel, and Marjoram. The giant rock salt statue and the two statues near the door to their goal also begin to move and attack the party.


After the brief struggle and the heroic death sacrifice of Six Toes, the part emerges mostly intact. Dusting themselves off, they make their way upstairs to the office of Connerhoufbrow. Confrontation! Or something. I must have been looking for leftover pizza or cheesy bread. Something something happens. Then XXX jumps on Korn Connerhoufbrow and kills him. Load noises can be heard downstairs, it’s the Waterdeep Night Watch rushing up the stairs!

Cut to black and roll end credits sans soundtrack.

DM played by Andrew
Darkscale played by Quaz
Carlos played by Josh
Sarta played by Pat
Orsino played by Tim
Thayan expat who’s name escapes me played by Scott.
XXX who’s name I don’t remember played by Luigi

Written and Directed by Andrew
Soundtrack by Andrew’s ipad

Pizza by Amante (non sponsored)

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