Death Notice: The Rise of Thay

Stone, Bones, and Flames

Burn baby, burn!

After the team finds the hidden door into the cellars, the clean up the bodies of undead by piling them together and setting them on fire.

Tide Ripcurrent shows up and Darkscale stays above to guard the entrance. Or maybe go rock hunting. Who knows what those dragonthings do for fun.

The team goes down into the secret basement passage and find a door to large room at the bottom.

Cut to NPC scene: Lacky goes into Francis Connerhoufbrow’s office and tells him there are people at the east shipping warehouse. Francis calls his master and is told not to do anything and that s/he will take care of it.

Cut back to the team: In the room we find a broken statue thing with a crystal thing in the middle, boxes of bones, and more bones in a pit. As the team starts to explore further a skeletal dragon rises from the pit. Orsino throws himself at the dragon, but he trips and falls into the pit.

Sarta the bureaucrat determines there’s a link between the crystal in the statue and the dragon. He uses his aracanic power to weakens the dragon’s regenerative link to the crystal in the statue.

As the heroes continue to battle the dragon a crew of humanoid skeletons crawl out of the pit. Near the end of the battle Tide throws himself at the last batch of skeletons and drag them back into the pit.

After the fight is over the team destroy the four half carved statues, while Orsino plunders the dragon skeleton of the skull, teeth, and claws.

After determining there were no other clues, loot, or traps, the team gathers the bones into the bit and Sarta the bureaucrat sets the whole thing ablaze. Again with the fire. Orsino seems impressed by Sarta’s pyromatic skills.

The party return to the the surface but find Darkscale missing. Tide heads north to look for Darkscale, while the rest of the company get surprised and surrounded by a company mercenaries. Deckard Kane of the Black Talon taunts Captain Thorne and points to the captured Darkscale. Kane and Thorne banter back and forth, exchanging words, fists, and homoerotic tensions.

Tide returns and sees what’s happening and coordinates an attack with Darkscale Tide’s sudden return and fierce surprise attack on Deckard Kane intimidates most his troop into inaction. A few fire their crossbow and the team scuffles with the mercenaries. Tide wrestles with Deckard and tells the team to get away. The team retreats thanks to Tide buying their escape, possible with his life. As they run from the tower, Sarta turns back and launches a fireball that engulfs the tower in flames. Again with the fire.

Back at the Guild Hall the team tell Lord Godfrey what’s going been going on and how they lost Tide. Godfrey summons Lord Neverember’s avatar. They tell him everything that’s been happening as well as their believe that there might be a terrorist attack by skeletons. Len-Jes steps into view and shows them a matching stone from a very recent attack in Neverwinter.

Everyone brainstorms and decides that their next course of action might be to visit the mercenary house for the Black Talons or to visit the current pay master of the Black Talons. Since the hour is late and the team had just lost Tide, they adjourn for the night.

Cut back to the flaming rubble of the tower: Slowly a hand claws it’s way out. Is it Tide? Is it Deckard?
Hand raising

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