Death Notice: The Rise of Thay

Storm Front

Forecast said Sunny! :(

7 Mirtul, 1479 DR

While at breakfast a storm rolls into town. Vince finds this disturbing since he forecasted “Sunny.” The storm gets worse and Darkscale gets sick. The two events might be related. WaterdeepThe weather turns even worse and it starts to hail fire. A large crashing sound comes from up the street and the team heads out to investigate. A few streets down they find that a large elemental boulder thing had fallen from the sky and crushed the Shawarma Shack II to tiny pieces.

While investigating the elemental boulder thing, mini air elementals and fire elementals pop out from boulder and attack the party. One air and one earth elemental would combine to form larger creature that would attack the party. Some quick thinking by the adventures make them focus on taking out the elements on one type first.

After all the elementals have been defeated, they hear a loud gong ringing through the city. It is a broadcast for a Category 1 Weather Event and call to arms by the Weather Guild. After mourning the loss of the Shawarma Shack II, the party head to the Tower of the Weather Guild in the center of the city. Darkscale drags the elemental boulder with them to the tower incase it provides a clue to the events. Or incase it has some monetary value.

At the tower they find it a buzz with activity, lesser weather people are bringing in reports and adjusting the city’s weather map as the track the unusual weather phenomenon while the senior members plan and try to determine what’s going on in Waterdeep. The head of the Guild, Sir Winston “Cloudstorm,” comes down and berates Vince for returning to the Guild.

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