Death Notice: The Rise of Thay

Lords of Waterdeep conclave

Who's the new Lord?

(As best as I remember)

The Lords gather to discuss the accusations that the Waterdeep Adventure Guild conspired to assassinate the Lord of Arcana. The Lords debate whether the WAG are heroes or traitors, whether they should be left alone or tried on charges of assassination. The new Lord of Arcana and the new Lord of Eyes attend the conclave. During the middle of their discussion, it appears that the Lord of Shackles gets replaced by another. A rare even for a Lord to be replaced midsession. (I don’t remember if this was obvious or not.)

The Lords further debate the appointment of the new Blackstaff. Len-Jes is brought forward as the debate continues. Before a final decision can be made, the Blackstaff is brought for the formal ceremony to anoint the new Blackstaff of Waterdeep. Len-Jes examines the staff and breaks it while declaring it a fake. She storms out of the chambers and the Lords are left with more questions.

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