Death Notice: The Rise of Thay

The Coming of the Lost Heir

In the midst of an attack by plague-touched monsters, a mysterious man wearing the Crown of Neverwinter appears.

27 Mirtul, 1479 DR

1. The group finds themselves once again together, this time at a local market on the waterfront in the Protector’s Enclave.

2. Ieuan the Devout meets Nagda, a half-orc. Although cool to Ieuan at first, Nagda becomes much friendlier when she learns of his past with the Uthgardt Barbarians. They compare notes about the changes in the tribes over the last couple of years and Ieuan pieces together that the Netherese must be extending their influence to more than one tribe.

3. Ellesmere senses a strange arcane disturbance, something akin to the ripple of Spellplague. As she attempts to determine its source, horrifying plague-touched beasts come from the sewers below.

4. As a plague-touched drake attempts to strike a grievous blow to Paetr, a mysterious warrior clad in full plate armor and wearing the Lost Crown of Neverwinter appears and shields him from the blow.

5. With the aid of this mysterious stranger, the group defeats the monsters. As they move quickly to recover their strength and drive off the crowd that has formed around them, the stranger points to the sky. “Be wary! Their master comes! Defend yourselves!” A large white dragon, covered in spellscar, descends on the marketplace.


6. After a great battle, the dragon is nearly defeated. The mysterious stranger, crippled by the dragon’s attack, falls to his knee. “Neverwinter shall never fall! And never shall I!” Rising up, he mysterious stranger points towards the dragon as Paetr strikes a crippling blow. By some strange power the dragon staggers back, slowing as its skin turns gray. After a few moments, it has become nothing more than an ornate stone statute.

7. Before Ieuan the Devout has time to say anything to the stranger, he leaves the party a small sack and runs off through the crowd. In the sack, the group finds four emblems, bearing the old seal of Neverwinter. They look towards the gathered crowd as the people cheer: “The Heir of Neverwinter returns! Long live the Heir of Neverwinter!”


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