Death Notice: The Rise of Thay

The Heir's Influence Grows

As a week passes, the Heir of Neverwinter continues to become popular. The party gets caught in a barroom brawl.

7 Kythorn, 1479 DR

Beached leviathan

1. Ieuan, Ellesmere, Riseld, and Paetr meet in a seedy bar, the Beached Leviathan.

2. Ieuan meets a mysterious woman, a genasi wizard named Len-Jes, and embarrasses himself in a semi-drunken haze. Len-Jes seems amused. Before long, the party loses track of her.

3. General Sabine, a stern woman and commander of the Mintarn mercenaries working for the Lord Protector, enters the Beached Leviathan and asks that the party come with her.

4. A brawl breaks out, with drunken supporters of the Lost Heir attacking General Sabine, her guards, and the party. Sabine and her guards retreat out of the Leviathan while the party attempts to subdue the brawlers.

5. Harrag, owner of the Beached Leviathan, is exceedingly concerned with the damage caused to his establishment.

6. After the brawl, the party agrees to follow General Sabine to see Lord Neverember.


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