Death Notice: The Rise of Thay

The Lords of Waterdeep

An Eye for an Eye

10 Mirtul, 1479 DR

(1) The Lords of Waterdeep had a public meeting several days after the weather events. Sir Winston Cloudstorm appeared to brief them on what happened, although his briefing was somewhat lackluster as he was unable to explain what caused the event or why it stopped. None of the members of the Waterdeep Adventurer’s Guild were particularly interested in helping him out with that.

The following Lords of Waterdeep were in attendance:
Lord Neverember, the Open Lord of Waterdeep
The Lord of Spice
The Lord of Dragons)
The Lord of Red Tomes
The Lord of Arcana
The Lord of Blades
The Lord of Eyes

(2) After some initial debate and discussion, the adventurers and Winston Cloudstorm were excused. After further debate amongst the Lords, a strange man ran up to Cloudstorm and stabbed him several times. The adventurers were able to quickly capture the attacker but they were unable to stop him from activating some sort of poison capsule in his mouth (although Darkscale did make a valiant effort that probably caused more harm to the attacker than intended). The group was able to stabilize Cloudstorm but he is clearly under the effect of some potent poison and has entered a catatonic state.

(3) The Lords had further debate. It was observed that the Blackstaff was not in attendance. The Lord of Arcana seemed most concerned with this, suggesting a replacement was immediately named. Some scandalous insults were hurled back and forth.

(4) After the Lords concluded their meeting, a strange figure went to the infirmary where Cloudstorm was being kept and absconded with the attacker’s weapon.

(5) Later, the adventurer’s guild were presented a message from Lord Neverember. They met in a strange, abandoned building where they spoke to Neverember via magic hologram. He asked them to seek some information from a reliable information gatherer, a well-connected beggar who goes by the name of the Steel Fox. He also asked that they keep this mission secret from Gottfried.

(6) Eventually, after following some beggar children around and meeting a rather friendly Monk at an orphanage, the group (Tide, Vince, and Darkscale) found an old, abandoned building where they believed the Steel Fox to be. Upon entering, they were attacked by a large skeleton (WITH FOUR ARMS!).
Ddr four armed skeleton

(7) Upon defeating the monster and its minions, they found a beggar’s corpse, dead for at least several days, that was missing an eye. However, this was more like “missing a glass eye,” not “somebody cut this guy’s eye out.” They contacted Lord Neverember via magic hologram and informed him of their finding. Neverember introduced the corpse as the (former, apparently) Lord of Eyes.

(In case it isn’t 100% apparent: the Lord of Eyes in (1) was assumed to be Steel Fox by Neverember UNTIL (7) when we found Steel Fox dead for 4 days, thus there is an IMPOSTER LORD!)


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