Death Notice: The Rise of Thay

To Neverwinter by Sea

Four brave heroes set sail to Neverwinter guarding a suspicious woman and her parcel.

2 Mirtul, 1479 DR

1. The adventurers agree to escort Seldra Tylmarande to Neverwinter for 300 gold pieces.

3 Mirtul, 1479 DR

2. The group sets sail aboard the Neverwinter Endeavor in the morning. Late in the evening, Riseld Rumbletum gets involved in an arm-wrestling match with a member of the crew, winning fifty pieces of gold.

3. During the match, Ellesmere finds Seldra on the deck of the Neverwinter Endeavor. She discovers that Seldra has a spell-scar. Seldra assures Ellesmere that it is of no danger.

7 Mirtul, 1479 DR

4. Four days later, the Neverwinter Endeavor arrives at Neverwinter. As it ties up to the pier, undead creatures come over the side and attack.

5. As the battle ensues, a mysterious archer clad in the red robes of the Thayan wizards shoots a poisoned arrow at Seldra, knocking her unconscious. A strange wizard teleports in and steals Seldra’s parcel.

6. The party finally defeats the archer but before they can learn anything he takes some sort of poison and dies. Seldra awakens and directs the party to pursue the wizard, a necromancer of Thay, and retrieve the parcel. Ieuan the Devout convinces Seldra to agree to pay the group fifty extra gold pieces each for the recovery of the parcel.

7. A quick journey through the streets of Neverwinter leads the group to the Gates of the Neverdeath Graveyard. With the gates already open, the party enter the graveyard in pursuit of the red wizard.

8. The group finds the wizard holding a metallic crown. Undead gravehounds and zombies rise up and attack. The party fights valiantly and manages to defeat the Thayan wizard.

9. Surrounding by rising corpses, the group retreats to the Gates of Neverdeath, finding them closed. They quickly push the limits of the magic keeping the gate shut, throwing them open and escaping before the undead horde gets to them.

10. As the Gates to Neverdeath slowly shut behind them, Seldra runs up to the group and thanks them. Ieuan the Devout, recognizing the crown as the Lost Crown of Neverwinter, tries to keep Seldra from taking it in an attempt to learn why she has such a priceless artifact, but he is unable to do so in time. She takes the crown and, sensing hostility, throws the group the remainder of their payment before disappearing.


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