Lord Dagult Neverember

The Open Lord of Waterdeep, Dagult Neverember now serves as the Lord Protector of Neverwinter.


I am more than pleased to offer my services and gold to rebuilding this fine center of culture and trade. Through our combined efforts, Neverwinter will be reborn as a bastion of good in the Sword Coast North!

-Lord Dagult Neverember

The Open Lord of Waterdeep is a stern yet charming human noble. He is big, boisterous, and affable, treating every new person he meets as a friend. However, beneath the friendly exterior is a calculating political machine, capable of placing himself in the most advantageous of positions to accomplish whatever goal he desires.


Neverember and Neverwinter

Lord Neverember began his quest to restore Neverwinter approximately ten years ago. He came to Neverwinter, claiming to be a descendant of Vers Never, a bastard son of Lord Nasher Alagondar. Few outside of the Sons of Alagondar seem interested in trying to disprove this claim at this time as the protection he provides has become exceedingly important in the development of Neverwinter.

Since he began restoring Neverwiner, Lord Neverwinter has managed to secure a sizable portion of the city, establishing the Protector’s Enclave in the southwest part of the city. He hired a group of Mintarn mercenaries to help keep the peace in the protected zone of Neverwinter as he rebuilds it. He promotes the “New Neverwinter” campaign as part of an effort to build support amongst the remaining populace. Not everybody approves of his rule.

Rumor says he splits his time between Waterdeep and Neverwinter but people rarely see him traveling between the two destinations.

Lord Dagult Neverember

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