Nagda Lost-Wolf

A half-orc and former member of the Black Wolf tribe, she now works as a weaponsmith in Neverwinter.


Nagda has the virtue of having gotten the better aspects of her lineage. Tall and muscular, her body shows clear signs of orc lineage. However, her features are surprisingly delicate, betraying the human side of her bloodline.


Originally of the Black Wolf tribe, one of the many Uthgardt Barbarians to the east of Neverwinter, she found herself without a home when her tribe was all but annihilated one cold evening. Finding herself one of only a handful of survivors, she fled to a neighboring tribe, the Gray Wolf, seeking the comfort of her near-kinsmen.

Rejecting her, ostensibly due to her orc lineage, Nagda had no other choice. She made the hard journey to Neverwinter, finding herself in the middle the rapid reconstitution of Neverwinter’s southwest quarter. Putting what little “civilized” skills she had to use, she apprenticed herself to an old weaponsmith. Quickly, she became well known through the neighborhoods of the Protector’s Enclave both in part to her stunning appearance and her skill with a hammer. When her master died, she adopted his shop, attempting to bring honor to his name.

She now works as one of the more prominent weaponsmiths in Neverwinter. She has made a network of impressive contacts, finding the ability to get whatever exotic weapon she cannot manufacture herself. There are very few worthwhile warriors in Neverwinter who don’t get their weapons from Nagda.

“Plus, she’s totally smoking!” – Ieuan

Nagda Lost-Wolf

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