Seldra Tylmarande

A mysterious half-elf, roughly thirty years of age, who hires the party to accomplish a simple task.


A sandy haired half-elf woman, roughly thirty years of age. She is often seen wearing a broach bearing the seal of Lord Neverember, Lord Protector of Neverwinter.

Ellesmere first noticed that Seldra had a spellscar, but Seldra was reluctant to discuss it.


Seldra carries the sigil of Lord Dagult Neverember, Open Lord of Waterdeep, so it follows that she is somehow affiliated with him.

The Secret Project Begins

She hired a group of adventurer’s from the Adventurer’s Guild of Waterdeep to defeat a local menace in the woods and recover proof of the deed. A select group of warriors set out into Eastwood to defeat him, succeeded in doing so, and returned with his necklace. Before she left, it almost appeared as if the mysterious stone glowed when it was near her.

Seldra later brought the stone to a craftsman deep in Undermountain and commissioned him to craft a crown, building the stone into it. The crown would be crafted to resemble the Lost Crown of Neverwinter and the stone, a powerful magical device, would amplify the power of the spellscar of whoever wore the crown.

The Crown of Neverwinter and the Lost Heir

She hired a group of wanderers headed to Neverwinter to escort her and her special package from Waterdeep to Neverwinter. When the party recovered the contents of the parcel, revealed to be the Lost Crown of Neverwinter, the quickly takes it from them before they have an opportunity to resist. In the weeks since that encounter, the party has not seen her nor heard from her.

Later, she reappeared in Neverwinter and confronted the newly commissioned agents of Lord Neverember. She seemed aloof and distracted but insisted that the group seek out the Lost Heir of Neverwinter.

The next time the adventurers of Neverwinter, she had been revealed to be the Lost Heir of Neverwinter, using her mysterious spellscar (amplified by the power of the Crown of Neverwinter) to control the plague-touched creatures in Neverwinter. The party defeated her in battle and Seldra, free from the crown’s maddening effect, offered to aid them in destroying the fearsome dragon she had left behind. After the battle

Seldra Tylmarande

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