The Crown of Neverwinter

The Lost Crown of Neverwinter, the symbol of a true lord of the city.


A large, heavy, metal crown believed to be made of mithral with large blue jewels. The Crown of Neverwinter is a warrior king’s crown, weighing nearly four pounds.


The Lost Crown of Neverwinter has long been held as a sign of the true royal line of Neverwinter. Lost in the cataclysmic eruption of Mount Hotenow, legends circulate that a true leader will someday return bearing the crown, a sign of the return of the House of Alagondar.

Legend says that only a true heir to the throne of Neverwinter can safely wear the crown and that all others will be stricken down. Other legends say the crown is enchanted with powerful magic, magic that gives its wearer great power in battle.

The Crown of Neverwinter

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