Death Notice: The Rise of Thay

Assault on the Waterdeep Wizarding Academy
Mazes and Minotaurs

Vincent the mold mage died in an assault on the guild hall. You’ve broken into the Waterdeep Wizarding Academy. You recovered your stolen artifact, the Blackstaff memory core (Archon). Unfortunately, your acts resulted in the death of Corwin Merlington III, the Headmaster of the WWA (and the Lord of Arcana).

What’s next? You have the signet of the Lord of Arcana, once held by Khelben Blackstaff himself. You must decide how that will be resolved (whether it be by the party or outside agencies).

I suspect a meeting of the Lords of Waterdeep is in order, as a discussion regarding the Blackstaff and the Lord of Arcana are in order. If you don’t have a Lord of Waterdeep, we’ll sort it out before then.

Blackstaff who?
All in favor say aye

The Lords of Waterdeep are mired in bureaucracy, trying to appoint a new Blackstaff. The appearance of Nasher Alagondar has placed the future leadership of Neverwinter in question. The mysterious Len-Jes has asserted herself as the former Blackstaff while the Lord of Arcana has openly jockeyed for the position. In the final moments of last weeks session, a group of mercenary warriors attacked the party. When defeated, the last remaining survivor claimed he was acting on behalf of High Magus <name>, Archdean of the Waterdeep Wizarding Academy.

What’s next? What could happen? Will the sinister Len-Jes become the new Blackstaff? Will the revenant Nasher Alagondar seize control of Neverwinter? And why would the Archdean of the Waterdeep Wizarding Academy try to kill the party?

Stone, Bones, and Flames
Burn baby, burn!

After the team finds the hidden door into the cellars, the clean up the bodies of undead by piling them together and setting them on fire.

Tide Ripcurrent shows up and Darkscale stays above to guard the entrance. Or maybe go rock hunting. Who knows what those dragonthings do for fun.

The team goes down into the secret basement passage and find a door to large room at the bottom.

Cut to NPC scene: Lacky goes into Francis Connerhoufbrow’s office and tells him there are people at the east shipping warehouse. Francis calls his master and is told not to do anything and that s/he will take care of it.

Cut back to the team: In the room we find a broken statue thing with a crystal thing in the middle, boxes of bones, and more bones in a pit. As the team starts to explore further a skeletal dragon rises from the pit. Orsino throws himself at the dragon, but he trips and falls into the pit.

Sarta the bureaucrat determines there’s a link between the crystal in the statue and the dragon. He uses his aracanic power to weakens the dragon’s regenerative link to the crystal in the statue.

As the heroes continue to battle the dragon a crew of humanoid skeletons crawl out of the pit. Near the end of the battle Tide throws himself at the last batch of skeletons and drag them back into the pit.

After the fight is over the team destroy the four half carved statues, while Orsino plunders the dragon skeleton of the skull, teeth, and claws.

After determining there were no other clues, loot, or traps, the team gathers the bones into the bit and Sarta the bureaucrat sets the whole thing ablaze. Again with the fire. Orsino seems impressed by Sarta’s pyromatic skills.

The party return to the the surface but find Darkscale missing. Tide heads north to look for Darkscale, while the rest of the company get surprised and surrounded by a company mercenaries. Deckard Kane of the Black Talon taunts Captain Thorne and points to the captured Darkscale. Kane and Thorne banter back and forth, exchanging words, fists, and homoerotic tensions.

Tide returns and sees what’s happening and coordinates an attack with Darkscale Tide’s sudden return and fierce surprise attack on Deckard Kane intimidates most his troop into inaction. A few fire their crossbow and the team scuffles with the mercenaries. Tide wrestles with Deckard and tells the team to get away. The team retreats thanks to Tide buying their escape, possible with his life. As they run from the tower, Sarta turns back and launches a fireball that engulfs the tower in flames. Again with the fire.

Back at the Guild Hall the team tell Lord Godfrey what’s going been going on and how they lost Tide. Godfrey summons Lord Neverember’s avatar. They tell him everything that’s been happening as well as their believe that there might be a terrorist attack by skeletons. Len-Jes steps into view and shows them a matching stone from a very recent attack in Neverwinter.

Everyone brainstorms and decides that their next course of action might be to visit the mercenary house for the Black Talons or to visit the current pay master of the Black Talons. Since the hour is late and the team had just lost Tide, they adjourn for the night.

Cut back to the flaming rubble of the tower: Slowly a hand claws it’s way out. Is it Tide? Is it Deckard?
Hand raising

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The Lords of Waterdeep
An Eye for an Eye

10 Mirtul, 1479 DR

(1) The Lords of Waterdeep had a public meeting several days after the weather events. Sir Winston Cloudstorm appeared to brief them on what happened, although his briefing was somewhat lackluster as he was unable to explain what caused the event or why it stopped. None of the members of the Waterdeep Adventurer’s Guild were particularly interested in helping him out with that.

The following Lords of Waterdeep were in attendance:
Lord Neverember, the Open Lord of Waterdeep
The Lord of Spice
The Lord of Dragons)
The Lord of Red Tomes
The Lord of Arcana
The Lord of Blades
The Lord of Eyes

(2) After some initial debate and discussion, the adventurers and Winston Cloudstorm were excused. After further debate amongst the Lords, a strange man ran up to Cloudstorm and stabbed him several times. The adventurers were able to quickly capture the attacker but they were unable to stop him from activating some sort of poison capsule in his mouth (although Darkscale did make a valiant effort that probably caused more harm to the attacker than intended). The group was able to stabilize Cloudstorm but he is clearly under the effect of some potent poison and has entered a catatonic state.

(3) The Lords had further debate. It was observed that the Blackstaff was not in attendance. The Lord of Arcana seemed most concerned with this, suggesting a replacement was immediately named. Some scandalous insults were hurled back and forth.

(4) After the Lords concluded their meeting, a strange figure went to the infirmary where Cloudstorm was being kept and absconded with the attacker’s weapon.

(5) Later, the adventurer’s guild were presented a message from Lord Neverember. They met in a strange, abandoned building where they spoke to Neverember via magic hologram. He asked them to seek some information from a reliable information gatherer, a well-connected beggar who goes by the name of the Steel Fox. He also asked that they keep this mission secret from Gottfried.

(6) Eventually, after following some beggar children around and meeting a rather friendly Monk at an orphanage, the group (Tide, Vince, and Darkscale) found an old, abandoned building where they believed the Steel Fox to be. Upon entering, they were attacked by a large skeleton (WITH FOUR ARMS!).
Ddr four armed skeleton

(7) Upon defeating the monster and its minions, they found a beggar’s corpse, dead for at least several days, that was missing an eye. However, this was more like “missing a glass eye,” not “somebody cut this guy’s eye out.” They contacted Lord Neverember via magic hologram and informed him of their finding. Neverember introduced the corpse as the (former, apparently) Lord of Eyes.

(In case it isn’t 100% apparent: the Lord of Eyes in (1) was assumed to be Steel Fox by Neverember UNTIL (7) when we found Steel Fox dead for 4 days, thus there is an IMPOSTER LORD!)

Enter Chet Doppler!
When it rains, it pours fire.

7 Mirtul, 1479 DR

We pick up our story at the tower of the Weather Guild and we find team Waterdeep watching the activity of the Level 1 Weather Event. An elemental boulder lands in NW ward of and the Weather Guild loses contact with Weather Chopper 3. Orsino whips out a standard Adventurer’s Guild contract for Sir Winston “Cloudstorm” to sign to have the Adventure’s Guild help recover Chopper 3 and the pilot.

The team heads out to the NW ward, except for Darkscale who is too exhausted from all the chaos magic. At the location they find an elemental boulder and the downed gnome, but no sign of the Chopper. While the team tries to revive the gnome, the boulder spits out little elementals that attack the team. The team defeats elementals and Craig Arrowman points to the sky as Chopper 3 slowly descends from the sky.

Riding Weather Copper 3 is a small gnome who begins ranting and raving at Vince. Actually, he starts raving at everyone and everything, including some inanimate objects. Craig Arrowman, tired of all the talking, starts shooting at the chopper. Enraged by this action, Chet starts stabbing his pudgy fingers at his bracer lined with gems and says, “You’ve forced me to accelerate my plan!” The large boulder comes to life as a large elemental monster. The monster than spits out little fire, air, and earth elementals who sometimes will combine into another elemental creature.

The team engages the elemental monsters and near the end of the battle Craig Arrowman takes off down the street to brings down Chopper 3 and capture Chet. After getting burned, singed, and covered in molten rock, the team finally defeat all the elemental monsters. Elsewhere Craig Arrowman unleashes a volley of owl feathered arrows to bring down Chopper 3 and capture Chet Doppler. The team catch up with Craig and Vince is able to study the bracelet and deactivate the storm/elemental attack.

As the party combs the street for chopper wreckage and weather gear, Orsino liberates a choice bottles of wine from the wine shop that buffered the landing of Chopper 3. Craig and Orsino take Chet back to the guild hall and the rest of the part take the injured gnome, Chase Storm, back to the Weather Guild Hall. There they find the Weather Guild’s doors broken down, people injured, and destruction from battle.

It appears that the Guild Hall was attacked, perhaps by the boulder that Darkscale has been dragging around from the first attack near the Adventure’s Guild Hall. Sir Winston belittles Vince about their rescue of the gnome, but the team does not reveal that they captured Chet nor any of the raving Chet said about controlling the weather, accusing Vince of his downfall, about attacking Waterdeep, or getting his revenge on the Shawarma Shack II.

The team return to the Adventure’s Guild Hall and interrogate Chet. He says he got the weather/elemental controlling bracelet from some lady who told him to attack Waterdeep one week after the ship Endeavor left for Neverwinter. The team informs Arkon (sp?) to inform Lord Godfrey that an attack on Neverwinter and/or Neverember might be imminent, then they make plans to address the Lords of Neverwinter who might be in session due to the recent weather attack.

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Storm Front
Forecast said Sunny! :(

7 Mirtul, 1479 DR

While at breakfast a storm rolls into town. Vince finds this disturbing since he forecasted “Sunny.” The storm gets worse and Darkscale gets sick. The two events might be related. WaterdeepThe weather turns even worse and it starts to hail fire. A large crashing sound comes from up the street and the team heads out to investigate. A few streets down they find that a large elemental boulder thing had fallen from the sky and crushed the Shawarma Shack II to tiny pieces.

While investigating the elemental boulder thing, mini air elementals and fire elementals pop out from boulder and attack the party. One air and one earth elemental would combine to form larger creature that would attack the party. Some quick thinking by the adventures make them focus on taking out the elements on one type first.

After all the elementals have been defeated, they hear a loud gong ringing through the city. It is a broadcast for a Category 1 Weather Event and call to arms by the Weather Guild. After mourning the loss of the Shawarma Shack II, the party head to the Tower of the Weather Guild in the center of the city. Darkscale drags the elemental boulder with them to the tower incase it provides a clue to the events. Or incase it has some monetary value.

At the tower they find it a buzz with activity, lesser weather people are bringing in reports and adjusting the city’s weather map as the track the unusual weather phenomenon while the senior members plan and try to determine what’s going on in Waterdeep. The head of the Guild, Sir Winston “Cloudstorm,” comes down and berates Vince for returning to the Guild.

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The Thayan Connection
Having connected the forces of Thay to events in Waterdeep, the adventurers continue searching.

6 Mirtul, 1479 DR

To be filled in later with stuff about the Thay.

Making new Friends
The Waterdeep Adventurer's Guild meets new allies in both the Xanathar and a strange artifact.

17 Tarsakh 1479 DR

When they put the control crystal into the artifact, an apparition of Khelben Arunsun appears. They quickly realize that it is not, in fact, the old Blackstaff but some sort of psychic image of him. He introduces himself as Archon, the personification of the Blackstaff Memory Core, the crystalline structure that they acquired from the Blackstaff Tower.

After some awkward introductions, Archon informs the group that he is lacking in a majority of his relevant memories regarding the Blackstaff, her recent research, and other issues currently affecting Waterdeep. He suggests that they seek out additional crystalline memory cores to install into his crystal matrix. Archon suggests that they consider looking into the Xanathar. Orsino asks around and is able to establish a connection with people who claim they can put him in touch with the Xanathar.

25 Tarsakh 1479 DR

After a few days, Orsino receives a message at the Guild Hall. It is an address and a time, clearly a scheduled meeting with a Xanathar operative. The party heads there.

When they arrive, a band of orcs and goblins attacks them. They are able to deftly fight off the rogues. As they are cleaning their wounds, a mysterious drow appears, dragging a large sack behind him. He introduces himself as “K” and says he will be the party’s connection with the Xanathar. He states that he has brought them a gift: a Thayan agent that he was able to recover.

As K attempts to leave, Craig Arrowman looses an arrow in an attempt to stop him. K expresses some concern at this most inhospitable conduct. After some discussion, Orsino convinces Craig to let K go.

When they open the sack, they find a recently killed body of a strange fellow, covered in arcane tattoos. They search his corpse and find a number of interesting items, including a mysterious crystal that resembles Archon’s crystal structure. They drag the body back to the guild and put it into storage.

As Vincent the Mold Mage installs the crystal into Archon’s structure, he begins to remember additional facts about the Blackstaff’s research. He tells them that the Blackstaff was researching Thay and their possible incursion into Waterdeep. Unfortunately, other than peculiar details observed by the Blackstaff, he is unable to provide any more useful information than that.


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