Death Notice: The Rise of Thay

Let's do a rescue!

Regarding what we’re doing… I figured that this session was about you guys going into Waterdeep to rescue Lord Godfried. Imagine that it will begin with the revelation that Lord Godfried is in danger (in Waterdeep).

So, whatever character you want to bring is fine, but realize that this is urban nonsense. Expect to wander the underside of Waterdeep. Expect a trip to Skullport or something similar. Your first entry into Waterdeep will probably involve the Dead Rats (under the command of Paetr of Luskan), so Wererats are totally acceptable. Other than that, we work as a virtual writer’s room, so come with creativity.

A Cautionary Tale
The Story of the REAL Heroes

The Cautionary Tale of Albus Merlington the Third:

This adventure will be a series of flashbacks, telling the story of Albus Merlington (when he was alive) and his old adventuring group, now a bunch of old retired adventurers. The story is essentially thus: At some point, Albus discovers the Thayan threat to Waterdeep. He begins taking actions, with the help of his old friends, to stop the Thayan plans, only to have them thwarted time and time again by the minions of Thay (a group of adventurers, known as the Waterdeep Adventurer’s Guild). Eventually, confronting the lich Valindra herself, Albus tries to work against Thayan interests from the inside. This leads to his invasion on the Thayan headquarters, the seizure of the Psychic Prison, and his eventual demise.

Yes. You read that correctly. This adventure is meant to be tongue-in-cheek. It’s the story of the “Real Heroes” and how your normal characters continuously thwart their efforts. Hopefully, it’ll be cute.

After talking to Josh, I thought we could try this at Level 13, just to give everybody a chance to flirt with high level. Imagine characters that USED to be the biggest, baddest adventurers on the Sword Coast but now they’re … well, old.

Bern – A priest of Waukeen who has become a successful if slightly sleazy speculator. Success has helped him enjoy the finer things in life clothes, food, drink wenches and any other indulgences he can think of. Skinny and non athletic in his adventuring days he has put on a lot of weight. He is a skinny guy with a big belly. The armor may not fit so well.

Defending the Hole

The undead army advances on Dugan’s Hole.

Sarta's Letter

Hello all,

I need to tell you all about the man we just ran out of town, the one who has been terrorizing the people of Icewind Dale. I called him Cecil Frostbottom but his real name is Cecil Kaltmort. We attended the Waterdeep Wizard academy together and worked for Waterdeep together until he was fired about five years ago.

Cecil doesn’t like me and blames me for being fired by the city. He also resented my superior performance in wizard school. He always viewed me as his chief rival, I never took him that seriously. It all started when Necromancy Professor Bizi-Iku was impressed with my class project in intermediate Necromancy ( a zombie rat with a flaming tail. Prof Bizi-iku was unmoved by Cecil zombie. The professor recruited me really hard into the Necromancy school. Cecil only got int after I turned the school down.

Many budding mages develop mild side effects of there talents early in their careers. For example, I sneezed flames for a couple of weeks. It was during allergy season, I nearly burnt down my rooming house, twice. These symptoms usually pass quickly a couple of weeks at most and are a manifestation of a mages field of study. They are the source of joking and ribbing among mages. Cecil’s was much worst, it was a freezing, charnal case of explosive diarrhea . It lasted several months. No one wanted to get near him, even his zombies seemed to shy away.

Mages, in general aren’t known for their social skills. Necromancer are generally anti-social, but Cecil was over the top. He animated a local homeless beggar as his zombie butler. Many people who knew the beggar were offended. He nearly started a major magical battle when he brought the butler to a lecture by a priest of the raven queen.

The only other student who saw something in him was the lovely Pani Klarneboa. I had hoped to get much closer to her while having my sneezing fits. Her side effect was that she spouted fresh clear water when she laughed. She thought flaming sneezes were hilarious (added bonus she put out any fires I started). Cecil grew jealous, although nothing had happened.

Well I graduated ahead of him, but neither of us were top of the class.

We both went to work for the City. I actually tried forming and alliance with him but he refused. His insistence on using is zombies for mundane tasks around the office alienated him to both coworkers and superiors and he was fired.

Cecil has obviously gotten a lot more powerful, but I don’t think he pull off the takeover on his own.

That’s All


Arkon Asalym

The sub members of the Waterdeep Adventures Guild head out to rescue Albus Merlington from the Arkon crystal.

Dixon the Knight
Blump and Gump two headed Ogre mopper deckhand (Slayer)
Sorel the Ranger
Gilderoy Lockhart
Larry Porter the Mage

Short summary: The Perfect Prison – Newly promoted to PC Status, guild wizard Gilderoy convinces Archon and the rest of the W.A.G. that Albus Merlington, former Lord of Arcana, was simply misguided and not deserving of his fate entrapped in the Archon’s Phantom Psychic Matrix prison. Also that he may have critical information about the Thayan betrayers who have taken over the city. The team agrees, using a ritual Gilderoy has prepared using the Blue Dragon’s Teeth to delve inside Archon’s Phantom Psychic Matrix to seek out the former Masked Lord. Along the way, they run into an old friend and Archon wrestles with his newly found identity as a holding place for some of the worst criminals in the history of Faerun.

Mission Briefing
Stuff that happens before we get there.

A scream pierced the stillness of the forest. The wolf darted through the trees towards it.

The scent of blood filled the night air. It was close. He could taste it in the air.

Another scream. This time a woman. He tried to push himself even harder, trying to get there sooner.

As he approached a clearing, he saw a large beast hunched over a woman. It was part wolf, part man, and completely ferocious. Behind him, the barely identifiable body of a man sat in the mud, torn apart.

The wolf looked up towards the moon, almost as if for guidance. He knew what he had to do. He growled fiercely at the beast and bolted towards it. The beast looked up just as the wolf pounced.

Ieuan opened his eyes, breathing heavily. He rolled onto his back and looked up at the stark ceiling of his bedroom. He could still smell the acrid odor of blood.

“Bad dream again?”

Ieuan sat up in bed and looked over to the half-orc woman standing in the doorway. The morning sun emphasized Nagda’s more delicate, human features in a way that almost made Ieuan immediately forget last night’s dream. Or nightmare.

“The same one.” He pushed himself out of bed and reached for a morning robe. “I cannot help but think that this is some sort of omen, or message from Selune.” Standing from the bed, he walks over to Nagda and puts his arms around her shoulders. “But that is a matter for another time.”

Nagda looks into Ieuan’s eyes and smiles. “Another time, then.” Slapping him lightly on the side, she pushes him away. “You had better get yourself ready. We have a meeting with Lord Neverember in an hour.”

Ieuan sighs deeply, pulling his arms away. “Of course. I had forgotten.” He takes a few steps towards the wardrobe as he looks about the room for his clothes. “It bothers me that we still work with that man. He’s just another Waterdhavian tyrant that pretends to care about the city.”

Shaking her head, Nagda reaches down and picks up Ieuan’s shirt off of the floor. “Better the tyrant than the devil, I suppose.”

“We will see.”

The wind blew across the deck of the airship as it moved through the clouds. The sun shined brightly as it came over the eastern horizon. The raven-haired captain stood at the aft end of the ship, manning the wheel. An old, gray-haired dwarf walks to his side, spear in hand.

“Ye have a fine ship, Capt’n Thorn.” The ship hit a slight current, forcing the stout dwarf to reach for a nearby rail. “She seems a bit…”


The dwarf nodded. “Aye.”

Captain Thorn looked around the deck, observing the many people milling about the ship. Ever since the prisoner breakout from the Inquisitor Tower, the Scrag had felt more like an overstuffed dwelling than an airship. If they picked up any more people, he was not sure where they would go.

“I hear that they’ve found something. A more permanent base of operations, if you will.” Captain Thorn looked down at the wizened dwarf. “They’re meeting in the wardroom in the next hour, if you’re interested.”

Ramirez nodded and smiled. “Whateve’ gits me back ta solid ground is good fer me.”

The two young men walk side-by-side down the tight corridor of the airship’s lower level.

“I don’t really care what you think, Orsino,” the pale man said to the other. “I’m still better with a blade than you are.”

Orsino nodded his head, grinning. “I don’t doubt it, Malvolio. Let’s go topside, in the morning sun, so you can prove it to me.” In his mind, he laughed at the idea.

Malvolio started to respond but stopped himself. He muttered a curse under his breath. “You just reminded me why I hate you.”

Orsino smiled as they walk through the door into the ship’s wardroom. “And that’s why we get along.”

Sitting in a sort of make-shift throne in the great chamber of the Hall of Justice, Lord Dagult Neverember watched as the array of ghostly forms stood before him. His mind wandered to the events of the past few weeks, in which he went from the Open Lord of Waterdeep to a branded traitor and public enemy of the city he had sworn to protect. Yet, no matter the case, he is still a leader and if Waterdeep needed anything right now, it was a leader.

Addressing both the people in the Hall of Justice and the phantasms being projected from the airship Scrag, he stood and spoke: “Ladies and Gentlemen, I thank you for coming. Before we commence in earnest, let us hear of events in Waterdeep. Paetr?”

As the words left Neverember’s mouth, a bluish specter of a short cloaked figure appeared in the center of the chamber. It drew back its hood, revealing a young boy not much older than fifteen. The young boy respectfully bowed his head towards Lord Neverember.

“Thank you, my lord. The situation in Waterdeep is grim. The Lords of Waterdeep have given High Inquisitor Prestor authority to purge the Thayan threat, no matter the cost. Arrests of alleged ‘Thayan conspirators’ have become routine. The Inquisitors often round people up for interrogation… or worse.” Paetr lowered his head briefly, thinking of the friends he has seen die since he came to Waterdeep. “Anybody that speaks out against the Inquisitors quickly becomes their next target.”

Dagult Neverember shook his head. Waterdeep was his city. Nobody should have been able to take that away from him, much less some upstart bureaucrat like High Inquisitor Prestor.

“Anything else to report?”

The young boy shook his head slowly. “Nothing else, my lord.”

Neverember nodded, slowly sinking back into his chair. “Thank you, Paetr. I will speak to you soon.” With those words, the phantom image of the young boy disappeared from the center of the chamber. Lord Neverember brought his hand up and stroked his chin contemplatively. He looked across the room at the array of people, both physical and not, standing before him. “Any suggestions?”

Thousands of years of memories, yet everything is new.

The bluish-gray skinned man looked around the wardroom at the strange people he had come to find himself with. Stepping forward, he looked at the phantasm of Lord Neverember. “Yes, Lord Neverember. We…” He stopped. Looking at his new comrades, he thought about his place in these events. He was an outsider, a strange creature that most of these mortals did not understand. “Forgive me. I am Onceval, servant of the Gods and bearer of the spirit of the Blackstaff.”

Nobody understands. These short-lived mortals could never understand me.

Onceval stopped and composed himself. He tried again.

“What I mean to say is that we have found something important. There are indications in the historical record of an old flying fortress in the woods east of Neverwinter.” He paused to think about the words he just spoke and looked around the room for a response.

The ghostly form of Lord Neverember looked towards the strange, angelic creature. “Flying fortress?”

Onceval nodded in approval. “Yes. An ancient artifact. Created by the Netherese, to be sure.”

Do they understand what I am saying? It is a weapon.

A scarred, tattooed man looked up at Onceval from across the wardroom. “Netherese fortresses are weapons of destruction.” Zan grimaced, remembering the destructive power of the fortress constantly attacking his home, Thay. “Are we planning on going to war?”

Onceval shifted his attention to Zan. He paused briefly, thinking. “I believe…”

Malvolio stood quickly. “No! We’re already AT war. And we’re losing.”

Perhaps I was mistaken.

With all eyes on him, Malvolio felt uncomfortable. For a moment, he thought back to the days when he had served Valindra, the leader of the Thayan forces on the Sword Coast.

“Please. You don’t understand Thay. They don’t invade with soldiers and warships. They subvert. They dominate. By the time the legions come, you’ve already lost.” He paused, catching his breath. “And with Valindra in command of the Inquisitor’s Guild, it’s only a matter of time. Couple that with her influence over the Blackstaff and…” His voice trailed off as he thought about his next words for a moment.

“Waterdeep has been lost. Now we need to take it back.”

Dagult Neverember stood from his chair quickly. The vampire was right. Waterdeep had been lost. He lost it, and in doing so failed the people he swore to protect.

“If this flying fortress is a weapon, than it is a weapon that we need.” He looked at the blue phantom of Onceval and pointed at it. “Where can we find this flying fortress?”

“It is in the woods east of Neverwinter, my lord.”

“Then we need a team of people to go recover this fortress.” Neverember looked at Ieuan and Nagda standing to his right. “You’re familiar with these woods, are you not? You’re both from the Gray Wolf tribes?”

Ieuan the Devout, only passively listening to the conversation, suddenly realized he was being addressed. “Yes, Neverember. I am of the Gray Wolf. But no longer.” Nagda nodded slowly in agreement. “My people rejected me.”

Neverember stepped closer to Ieuan. “I’m not asking you to go make nice with your old tribe, priest. I need you to help us locate this flying fortress. Can you do that?”

Ieuan looked to Nagda. She had been his only real connection to the Gray Wolf, but she too had been expelled from her tribe. Now he was being asked to go back there by Neverember, the usurper from Waterdeep.

He wrapped his hand around his holy symbol of Selune, in search of inspiration. His mind wandered to his recent dreams, of wolves. Could this be a message? Were the creatures in his dream a sign from Selune?

“We’ll do it. We’ll lead your expedition.”

An elbow to the side brought Orsino back to the meeting. It would be wrong to say that Orsino had been sleeping, but he certainly had not been paying attention. He looked at Malvolio, the source of the intruding elbow. “What?” we whispered. “You upset my concentration.”

“Orsino. We need to go with them.”

Orsino shook his head. “No. We don’t.”

Malvolio shook his head at Orsino. “Fine. I need to go. And I need you to go with me.”

Orsino cocked his head, staring at Malvolio. “Why? This is an expedition into the woods. Nature. Outside. There will probably be a lot of sun involved, as well. I can’t believe that any of that sounds compelling to you.”

Malvolio sighed. “Listen. I realize that nobody here trusts me. I’m a vampire. I was an agent of Thay, working for the very people that we’re now trying to defeat. I even tried to kill you. Twice.” He put his hand on Orsino’s shoulder. “But I can help. I’ve dealt with the Netherese before. And the Gray Wolf tribes. I just need the chance.”

Orsino continued to stare. “And what does this have to do with me?”

“Because I can’t do it without you.”

Orsino’s mind went back to their days as young men. The Academy. Pranks and tricks. Viola. Then he thought of the last two weeks with Malvolio. Breaking out of the Inquisitor’s Tower. Going back to the Academy. The mind flayer. As much as he hated to admit it, he’d come to almost like having Malvolio around. Almost.

“Please. I’ll owe you one.”

Orsino lowered his face into his hand, shaking his head slowly. If nothing else, at least Malvolio would owe him for this. He raised his other hand up, signalling. “We’re in.”

“And ye have my spear!”

Ramirez didn’t know much about flying fortresses or the forest, but he knew one thing: dwarves do not belong on airships. At this point, he just wanted to get his feet back on the ground. Besides, looking over the four volunteers, we realized that these children needed adult supervision.

“Jis tell me whar ta go an’ I’ll be there.” He looked over to the woodsman, Craig Arrowman, sitting next to him. Was he asleep? Ramirez never knew what to make of him, but none of these children had any real knowledge of the forests. They were no woodsmen. The last thing Ramirez wanted to do was get lost in a forest.

“An’ the Arrowman’ll come along, too!” If anything else, Craig Arrowman was a crack shot with his bow. That gave Ramirez some comfort.

“Very well. If there is nothing else, I wish you all good luck.”

Dagult sat as the images of the people aboard the airship faded from view. He looked over to Ieuan. It surprised him that the Priest of Selune had so quickly accepted his request. Nevertheless, he had agreed.

“Do you have a plan, Priest?”

Ieuan thought. So many memories flooded through his mind. The tribes. His family. The hunt. Suddenly, it was as if everything made sense. “Yes, Neverember. I know exactly where to begin.” He felt as if Selune’s inspiration filled him with knowledge of what to do.

Neverember looked at him and raised an eyebrow. “So quickly?”

“I’m going to find my tribe.”

Onceval quickly headed out of the wardroom and up the stairs to the main deck. The wind blew across his face and ruffled his robes.

“Captain Thorn! it is imperative that you change course. Take us to Neverwinter!”

Wrath of the Weatheman (woman)
Let it Rain Blood

The weathermen (women) gather to pay their last respects to what ever his name is, the last Enchanter of the now disbarred Weatherman (woman) Guild.

Chet decides to set out and rescue his old pal Vince and gathers the finest weathermen (women) to take on that mission. Unfortunately anyone with any sort of skill and competence finds something else to do. Chet is left with the ghost of what’s his name, some drunks, a few Craig’s, and some unknown weather adventures.

Insanity ensues as we find that Vince is now the Pirate Weather King. Or something like that.



Wrath of the Weathermen (daily)
Standard Action
Close burst 10
Attack: +14 vs. Fortitude
Hit: 2d6 + 5 cold/thunder damage (even: cold, odd: thunder, based on the unmodified attack roll) and the target is slowed until the end of its next turn.
Miss: Half damage

Special: Every Weatherman in the burst can contribute to the attack. If a weatherman contributes, she is dazed until the end of her next turn.

One additional Weatherman: The primary attack roll gets a 2 to hit. If the unmodified attack roll is 11, the primary attack deals an additional 2d6 (thunder/cold) damage to the target, based on the unmodified attack roll (even: thunder, odd: cold).

Two additional Weathermen: the terrain within the zone is difficult terrain for all enemies until the end of the encounter.

Three additional Weathermen: Each target is subject to an additional attack:
Attack: +14 vs. Reflex
Hit: 2d6 + 5 fire/lightning damage (even: fire, odd: lightning, based on the unmodified attack roll) and the target grants blinded until the end of its next turn.
Miss: Half damage

Four additional Weatherman: The secondary attack roll gets a 2 to hit. If the unmodified attack roll is 11, the secondary attack deals an additional 2d6 (lightning/fire) damage to the target, based on the unmodified attack roll (even: lightning, odd: fire).

Five additional Weatherman: INFINITE WEATHER ON INFINITE WORLDS!!!!

Hail to thee!
Orsino and Makvolio go Back to School

Orsino and Malvolio go back to school and uncover a deep dark secret of their shared past.

From frying pan to fire
It's a trap!

Prologue: Two shadowy figures make their way to the door of a large, imposing building. A brief exchange occurs between the figures at the door and an unknown figure behind the door, a negotiation for a special job. An agreement is reached and the figures withdraw. As the figures move back into the dark, we learn that one of figures is XXX and that the building is the Greyrock Ziggurat, Waterdeep’s Maximum Security Penitentiary. (Andrew, feel free to change the name. I don’t remember if you gave it one.)

Flashy Waterdeep Adventure’s Guild Intro and Theme Music: Heroic montage of Darkscale, slick stills of Orsino, calm moments with Sarta, dwarven drinking songs with Carlos and his magical mordenkrad, and some shady Thayan guy buying cloths to cover up his obscene tattoos. Cut to stills of the MIA: Captain Thorne riding off on his airship, Vincent pulling lines on a sea ship, and Craig Arrowman sitting in a tree.

Opening: The WAG find themselves at the Prancing Unicorn, one of the few establishments they have yet to burn, break, cheat, or make themselves unwelcome. Besides the normal barflies found at the Unicorn drinking at 9 AM, we find the WAG team lamenting the loss of their Guildhouse since it was closed due to the ongoing investigation of the death of the Lord of Arcana and their attack on Waterdeep Wizarding Academy. Carlos and Darkscale drink rambunctiously one corner of the Pub while Orsino and the Thayan sit separately, trying to pretend they don’t know anyone.

Sarta rushes in with wet hair, wearing a snazzy dressing robe, and waving an old tome. Excitedly he goes to Orsino and starts to explain that he may have found a legal precedent regarding the killing of a Masked Lord of Waterdeep that may help in their defense. As they pour over the tome, the doors open and in walks XXX and the hooded man seen with him in the intro.

“We seek the Waterdeep Adventures Guild,” says XXX. “Who’s the Waterdeep Adventures Guild?” belches Darkscale. “Ah, you must be Darkscale, I’ve heard so much about you! And you must be Carlos, and you Orsino, Sarta, and… I’m not sure I know this hooded gentleman,” says XXX looking over the robed Thayan. “No matter, let me continue by saying I have a proposal for you all.”

The team proceeds to clear the room of the barflies and staff; Normus, Cliffus, Samus, and Coachus, then they get down to business. “Who are you and what do you want,” shouts Darkscale. Not so much in anger, but because Darkscale always shouts.

“Ah, my good Madame,” says the hooded one, “we seek that you bring to justice a Thayan agent the same way you brought the other agent to justice.”

“I don’t underspland,” slurs Darkscale, “what kind of justice?”

“You know, JUSTICE,” says XXX.

“What?” replies Darkscale.

“Kill him, KILL HIM!” shouts the hooded man, clearly exasperated.

“Oh, we can do that, but what’s in it for us?” asks Darkscale.

“Well, we could make things go in your favor in the investigation on your attack on the Waterdeep Wizarding Academy,” says the hooded one.

“Who are you to promise that?” interjects Orsino.

The hooded one produces something from his robes and lays it on the table. It is the office badge of the Waterdeep Penitentiary Department. A large, palm sized object that carries their motto, “Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.” (In the Waterdeep Latin equivalent.) The two men sit back and watch as the team examine the badge of office.

“Looks real to me,” mumbles Sarta to the rest of the team as he and Orsino examine the badge.

“Who is it and what can you tell us,” asks Carlos.

“There’s a Thayan agent working with someone you’ve already encountered in the past, Francis Connerhoufbrow.” The robed figure pulls out some paper and passes them to Sarta. “Here’s all our surveillance information. We know he’s meeting with a Thayan agent, we leave the details up to you. Our only stipulation is that take XXX here with you all to observe the proceedings.”

Fluff mcguffin, the team takes the case. (I must have been distracted by the pizza at this point. Why did we agree to do it?)

The hooded figure leaves and the team study the supplied paperwork. After failing our checks, the team determines that their best idea would be to waylay Houfenbrou away from his house on the assumption that it would be the most secured and fortified position. And even if he’s using multiple routes and decoys, he still would end up at the same office. Further analysis indicate that he dismisses his staff on certain late evenings at the office, ostensibly to meet with his Thayan contact. The timing of these past events indicate that another meeting might be taking place that very evening. The team packs up and head over to the Cheese Guild’s headquarters.

Everything looks dark and deserted at Cheese Guild headquarters, perfect for someone who was meeting in secret with the Thayan enemy. The team make their way through the building, finally entering an atrium area just below the office of Connerhoufbrow. The atrium is a wide open space, half of which has been made into a rocky zen garden with a large statue in the middle. As the team makes their way forward Carlos begins to think the large statue is made of salt and makes his way over to it to lick it.

One of Darkscale’s air sprites rushes out from her robes and into the zen garden. Suddenly the air is filled with the strong smell of spices. Strange since one would expect the strong smells of cheese. Little elementals of spice rise from the rocky garden and attack the party; Coriander, Thyme, Rosemary, Cumin, Nutmeg, Sage, Fennel, and Marjoram. The giant rock salt statue and the two statues near the door to their goal also begin to move and attack the party.


After the brief struggle and the heroic death sacrifice of Six Toes, the part emerges mostly intact. Dusting themselves off, they make their way upstairs to the office of Connerhoufbrow. Confrontation! Or something. I must have been looking for leftover pizza or cheesy bread. Something something happens. Then XXX jumps on Korn Connerhoufbrow and kills him. Load noises can be heard downstairs, it’s the Waterdeep Night Watch rushing up the stairs!

Cut to black and roll end credits sans soundtrack.

DM played by Andrew
Darkscale played by Quaz
Carlos played by Josh
Sarta played by Pat
Orsino played by Tim
Thayan expat who’s name escapes me played by Scott.
XXX who’s name I don’t remember played by Luigi

Written and Directed by Andrew
Soundtrack by Andrew’s ipad

Pizza by Amante (non sponsored)

(posted by oni206)

Lords of Waterdeep conclave
Who's the new Lord?

(As best as I remember)

The Lords gather to discuss the accusations that the Waterdeep Adventure Guild conspired to assassinate the Lord of Arcana. The Lords debate whether the WAG are heroes or traitors, whether they should be left alone or tried on charges of assassination. The new Lord of Arcana and the new Lord of Eyes attend the conclave. During the middle of their discussion, it appears that the Lord of Shackles gets replaced by another. A rare even for a Lord to be replaced midsession. (I don’t remember if this was obvious or not.)

The Lords further debate the appointment of the new Blackstaff. Len-Jes is brought forward as the debate continues. Before a final decision can be made, the Blackstaff is brought for the formal ceremony to anoint the new Blackstaff of Waterdeep. Len-Jes examines the staff and breaks it while declaring it a fake. She storms out of the chambers and the Lords are left with more questions.

(posted by oni206)


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