Death Notice: The Rise of Thay

Disarming the Amplifier
The Heroes of Neverwinter must defend Ellesmere as she deactivates the necrotic amplifier.

11 Kythorn, 1479 DR

1. The party fights off horrible, undead minions as Ellesmere attempts to disarm the necrotic amplifier.

2. Len-Jes, Master of Trade for Lord Neverember, comes on the scene and brings her magical prowess to bare on the undead threat.

3. Wave after wave of undead minions continue to converge upon the amplifier. Ellesmere continues to work, attempting to disarm the device. Riseld attempts to aid her in her progress.

4. After several waves of fearsome undead creatures are defeated, Ellesmere is able to finally disarm the strange device. The rest of the undead horde seem to lose all control and drop where they stand.

5. Lord Neverember and Thane Ulrich arrive, covered in zombie remnants. Nagda the Half-Orc is with them.

12 Kythorn, 1479 DR

6. Neverember informs the party that a serious threat is looming on the horizon. He informs them of several possible options to build an alliance of forces to stand up against the undead Thayan threat. Ieuan the Devout and the rest of the group discuss other possible options as they plan their next move to held defend Neverwinter from an undead assault.

A Simple Delivery
The Waterdeep Adventurer's Guild goes to deliver a secret missive to Lord Neverember in Neverwinter.

25 Ches, 1479 DR

1. A mysterious figure from the East arrives at the Guild. He has seemingly powerful mental powers that allow him to communicate without speaking. He seeks admission to the Guild.

2. Lord Gottfried, head of the Waterdeep Adventurer’s Guild, gives Thorne a sealed scroll case, telling him to deliver it to Lord Neverember. He also directs that Captain Thorne take Scottus, the strange mentalist, with him.

26 Ches, 1479 DR

3. After some debate, Orsino, Thorne, Craig, and Shamash decide to head to Neverwinter by ship instead of by land. Craig and Thorne hire themselves off as deck hands while the other two, along with Scottus, book passage. The ship leaves early in the morning bound for Neverwinter.

3.1. Craig quickly discovers that he does not deal well with oceanic transport and spends the first day mostly sick. Thorne, on the other hand, quickly discovers that he does not know a great deal about being a deck hand or sailing.

3.2. Scottus casts an alarm over the ship which will alert him if any strangers come aboard the vessel.

27 Ches, 1479 DR

4. The Chief Boatswain’s Mate realizes that Thorne is unfamiliar with seafaring. He pulls him aside early in the morning and spends the day showing him the ropes of sailing.

4.1. Craig’s condition finally stabilizes and he also learns a thing about line handling and seamanship.

30 Ches, 1479 DR

5. Early in the morning, Scottus’ alarm activates. He awakens the rest of the group and proceeds topside to investigate. A mysterious stranger stands on the deck, no sailors to be seen. He blows a strange whistle and ghosts materialize on the deck and attack. The stranger disappears.

5.1. After a rigorous battle, the adventurers defeat the ghosts. Captain Marcus, master of the ship, has a search conducted and determines that one of the hands they hired in Waterdeep has gone missing.

6. Late in the evening, the ship arrives at Neverwinter. When they prepare to go ashore, Orsino sees a stranger from his past, a nobleman named Malvolio Guildenstern. Malvolio informs Orsino that he needs the scroll tube.

7. After brief discussion, Scottus attacks Malvolio with his mental powers. The group gets into a desperate battle with Malvolio and a group of undead monstrosities. They are able to defeat them, but not without some trouble.

8. They quickly head to the Hall of Justice to speak to Neverember. Neverember reads the message and looks concerned. He quickly writes a response, seals it back into the tube, and gives it to Thorne. He also hands over one of his rings, indicating that they should give both to Lord Gottfried.

9. After some protest by Scottus and the rest of the group, Lord Neverember explains that he will provide them access to a teleportation ring. They are immediately returned to an abandoned building in Waterdeep not far from the Adventurer’s Guild.

10. When they return to Gottfried, he explains that things have gotten grim. It appears that some of the Lords of Waterdeep are being influenced by forces acting against Waterdeep’s interests. Specifically, Gottfried and Neverember suspect the manipulation comes from Thay and the forces of the Lich King.

The Party's the Thing...
The Heroes of Neverwinter are invited to a party in their honor when things go suspiciously wrong.

9 Kythorn, 1479 DR

1. After defeating Seldra and turning her over to Neverember’s guards, the heroes of Neverwinter get invited to a party in their honor.

2. Paetr throws a party at a nearby pub, hoping to secure more information about the mysterious Reaver of Luskan. Unfortunately, all he hears are the same strange rumors.

10 Kythorn, 1479 DR

3. Ieuan goes to the local temple of Selûne and speaks to his friend Brother Santiago, the local Priest of Selûne. A package arrives at the temple for Ieuan; inside is the holy relic, the Tear of Selûne, a blade bathed in moonlight.

4. Ellesmere goes and visits with Seldra in her cell beneath the Hall of Justice.

11 Kythorn, 1479 DR

5. The group goes to a party in their honor at the Hall of Justice. They meet a number of interesting characters.

6. General Sabine arrives with Mordai Vell, the mysterious yet charismatic tiefling merchant. Akakios recognizes him as a prominent leader of the mysterious Cult of Asmodeus. Akakios hides.

7. Mordai gets into a conversation with Riseld, asking him about his adventures in combatting the Heir of Neverwinter. Riseld is enthralled with the charismatic leader.

8. Len-Jes and Ellesmere get to know each other a little better. As they do, a mass of zombies smash through into the banquet hall and attack.

9. As most of the party goers flee, Lord Neverember and his advisor, Thane Ulrich, take up weapons and fight off the zombies. Len-Jes and Nagda join them along with a group of warriors wearing the crest of Waterdeep on their tunics. Neverember tells Ellesmere to find out what is causing the attack and stop it.

10. The group runs out to the back of the Hall of Justice, where a statue was being erected in their honor. The statue has cracked, revealing a large necrotic amplifier. The amplifier, a magical device used to embolden necrotic energy, is surrounded by a pack of ghosts. Ieuan leads the charge against the monsters.

11. The party defeats the ghosts. Ellesmere goes to investigate the mysterious device.

A Day in the Life
A guild of adventurers in Waterdeep are tasked with eliminating a potential threat.

5 Ches, 1479 DR

1. Seldra Tylmarande, agent of Lord Neverember, Open Lord of Waterdeep, approaches the guild with a contract to slay an orc leader in Eastwood (the woods east of Waterdeep).

2. Seldra admits that the orc is spellscarred and potentially dangerous. She asks that the orc’s necklace, a stone on a chain, be brought back as proof.

3. A team composed of Thorne, Tide, Shazam, Orsino, Craig, and Wonderthunder set out into Eastwood in search of this orc. Craig warns the group of the dangers of Eastwood.

4. After a day of travel around the edge of Eastwood, Craig and Tide find a trail that appears to have been left by monstrous humanoids. They begin following the trail through the wood.

5. Coming to a clearing where the trail seemed to end, a group of undead orcs and goblins attacked. The party fights them off, but Craig and Thorne find that their wounds are affected by some sort of rotting disease.

6. Finding the trail again, the group follows it to a campsite. They find a variety of monstrous races (orcs, lizardfolk, goblins, and a gnoll). Orsino goes out and talks to the group.

7. The leader of the group, a large orc named Rendar, invites the party to rest with them briefly. Several of their clerics perform a healing ritual that cures Craig and Thorne of the rotting disease. Rendar tells them that they are a tribe of monstrous humanoids that worship Grommel, the Uplifted One.

8. Rendar explains that the orc the party is looking for, who has been going by the name “Lord Draxinusom,” was once a member of Rendar’s tribe. However, his spellscar gave him power over the dead (and undead) and has been corrupting monstrous humanoids.

9. Rendar offers to give the party a blessing to aid them if they help rescue any still living humanoids that they find in Drax’s temple. He also offers directions to the temple where Drax has set up his base camp.

10. The party heads off in search of Drax’s temple. They find it. Orsino sneaks up to the side door and listens to a strange, bald man in red robes arguing with a large, spell-scared orc. The man, upset, turns in Orsino’s direction but then proceeds out the front door of the temple.

11. The group charges into the temple and engages Drax in battle. After a quick fight, Drax is defeated. Orsino seizes the necklace with the stone.

12. They return to Waterdeep and give the stone to Seldra. She thanks them and hands over the commission fee to the guild. Orsino and Tide think that they see the stone glow slightly when Seldra takes possession of it but she leaves before they can discover more.

The Final Battle
The brave adventurers find Seldra in the very market in which they first met the Heir.

9 Kythorn, 1479 DR


Meeting the Heir
The group goes to meet the Heir only to have it end in a foot chase.

9 Kythorn, 1479 DR

1. With the support of Arlon Bladeshaper, the party heads out from the secret lair of the Sons of Alagondar. Two guards escort them to a meeting with the Lost Heir of Neverwinter.

2. The two guards escorting the group out stop. One of them identifies himself as a member of Bregan D’aerthe, a secret society of Drow operating in the Neverwinter region. He offers the support of the Drow if the party merely aids them sometime in the future. Ieuan scoffs, rejecting his offer.

3. When they arrive at the rendezvous point, the Heir stands atop a building. He tears his vambrace off and points his hand towards the two guards who immediately burst into flame. A group of plaguetouched humans stagger out towards the party as the Heir escapes.

4. Ieuan and friends fight off the plaguetouched and continue in pursuit of the Lost Heir, who’s very footsteps leave a trail of fire behind them. As they approach the Winged Wyvern bridge, another group of plaguetouched creatures assault them, lead by a plaguetouched Ogre.

5. Successful in battle again, Ieuan and Paetr urge the group to continue without rest in order to intercept the Heir and stop him. They here mention that the Heir has removed his helmet and is, in actuality, a woman. They continue on a rapid foot chase towards the East Gate to the forbidden region.

6. Making it in time before the Heir has time to accomplish her task, the party stops the East Gate from being opened and drives off the Heir. They realize it to be none other than Seldra Tylmarande, the woman who originally hired them to come to Neverwinter.

7. They continue the chase to the waterfront, finding themselves face-to-face with the dragon statute that they had left there weeks before. Seldra stands by the statue, surrounded by a field of force energy, performing some mysterious incantation.

The Chosen of Asmodeus
Akakios finds a link to his past.

8 Kythorn, 1479 DR

1. Content to stay a few days with the Sons of Alagondar, the party spends time reflecting on the past days adventures.

2. Riseld meets a Lantan gnome from his childhood, a fellow named Brendin Sparksfire. Riseld soon discovers that the gnome has had his legs replaced with some sort of technological devices. Brendin ridicules Riseld for giving up on his people’s legacy, the way of science. Riseld ponders this, retrieving his old alchemy kit from his bag, and thinks.

3. Paetr does his work charming, romancing, and intimidating people into telling him more about the “Reaver of Luskan.” He hears stories of a terrifying person, a murderous animal that betrayed his own master for a bag of coin. People describe the Reaver as a young man with a taste for blood, capable of stopping any grown man dead in his tracks. Paetr does not know what to make of this.

4. Eventually, Ellesmere falls asleep. She dreams of her swamp, on the outskirts of Thay. She sees a familiar face, perhaps her old master, Valindra, and chases after her. Unable to reach her master, Ellesmere turns around to see the swamp ablaze. Ellesmere awakens to find a wolf-dog licking her hand. The wolf-dog talks to Ellesmere and she quickly realizes that she has discovered the ability to communicate with animals.

5. Ieuan the Devout goes about the lair of the Sons of Alagondar, preaching the way of Selunê. A small group of Dead Rats listen. After a brief period, all but one of them leave. Ieuan explains to the remaining man the importance of a life following Selunê. The young man is impressed and asks where he can learn more. Ieuan directs him to the Temple of Selunê in Neverwinter.

6. Akakios meets a strange old man. The old man seems friendly but strangely interested in why a satyr would find his way into the sewers of Neverwinter. Akakios eventually agrees to meet the man the next day.

9 Kythorn, 1479 DR

7. The next day, Akakios goes to the meeting point and finds the old man with a friend. They turn to him and identify him as the Chosen of Asmodeus. The friend reaches out and touches Akakios on the chest and a strange brand, the mark of Asmodeus, appears on his chest. As he backs away, screaming, Ieuan and friends rush to Akakios’ aid. Summoning strange devils, the men attack!

8. The party successfully repels the devils and their strange masters. They try to interrogate the old man but he says very little before apparently killing himself. Akakios does not know what to make of what the men said or the strange mark he now bears on his chest.

9. Ellesmere goes to sleep that night and has another dream, similar to the previous. She awakens to a rat staring at her. She converses with the rat but it seems to have little to say.

Into the Kraken Tunnels
The party heads into the sewers beneath Neverwinter...

8 Kythorn, 1479 DR

1. After surveying the swampy boathouse on Black Lake, the party finds a secret trapdoor. It leads into the sewers.

2. They follow the trapdoor down and find themselves in the sewers beneath Blacklake. Paetr recognizes a large statute of King Toytere, the butcher of Luskan.

3. Large spiders and rats attack the party. They defeat them handedly.

4. Proceeding further into the sewers, the group finds a pack of Dead Rats. Approaching slowly, they are attacked by the guardians. During the battle, somebody finds a strange lever and pulls it.

5. The lever unleashes a torrent of water which drags the group down into the lower levels of the sewers.

6. They awaken near a small chasm. One of the Dead Rats from above panics and starts to run. Large Kraken tentacles shoot out of the chasm and strike at the group. Massive serpents drop from the ceiling and also attack. The party manages to fight most of them off but has difficulty as more Kraken tentacles shoot forth from below.

7. As the combat looks grim, men armed with crossbows appear and fight off the Kraken. Their leader introduces himself as Arlon Bladeshaper, leaders of the Sons of Alagondar, and agrees to aid them in stopping the Lost Heir.

8. As they walk, Arlon explains that the Lost Heir had originally agreed to help the Sons of Alagondar. However, as the conflict in the streets of Neverwinter continued, the Lost Heir became more and more erratic, almost appearing mad. Arlon, worried that the Lost Heir is no real ally to his cause, has decided that the Heir must be stopped.

9. Arlon takes the party to the lair of the Sons of Alagondar, offering them a safe place to stay until the scheduled meeting with the Lost Heir.

A Look into the Dark Side
Ellesmere returns and the party continues its search for the Lost Heir

7 Kythorn, 1479 DR

1) The fate of Ellesmere is revealed. After exploring a mysterious arcane disturbance, she is pulled to a strange, dark mirror of Neverwinter.

2) After hiding from a zombie and three strange men, she decides to reveal herself and demand to know where she is.  The three men, who Ellesmere quickly recognizes as vampires, attack her.

3) Ellesmere tries to escape but is overcome by a vampire’s poisoned blade. As her senses fade, a mysterious wizard comes to her defense. Before Ellesmere falls unconscious, she recognizes the voice of her former master, Valindra.

4) Ellesmere awakens in a bed at an inn. An Eladrin woman who introduces herself as XYZ tells her that a mysterious woman left her here, paying for her room.

5) The rest of the group makes there way to the House of a Thousand Faces. After meeting with the owner, they are told to talk to the Dead Rat Charl.

6) Ellesmere comes down the stairs and is reunited with the rest of the group, including newcomer Akakios.

7) The group goes to the common room to talk to Charl, a fat and greedy pestilent boil of a halfling whose grotesque figure is matched by his overwhelming smug condescension. When they find Charl, Iuean confronts him aggressively, not being able to ignore the sins of gluttony, lust and avarice seeping from this wretch. Quickly, a group of thugs grabs the party, restraining the brave adventurers.

8) Charl singles out Paetr, calling him the “Reaver of Luskan.” Hoping to show his strength, Charl engages Paetr in single unarmed combat.

9) As Paetr and Charl fight, Riseld is able to break free from his captor. As he does, Iuean’s righteous indignation quickly transforms into dark wrath, as he transforms into a fierce black wolf that begins tearing at the bandits.

10) Combat ensues.  The party is able to subdue (or kill) Charl and his goons.

11) Charl tells them that the Sons of Alagondar and the Dead Rats can be found in the sewers and the underlying Kraken Tunnels.  An access point can be found in Blacklake Swamp.

8 Kythorn, 1479 DR

12) After resting for the night, the group heads out to Blacklake Swamp. They are attacked by strange plant monsters, corruptions from the swamp, but defeat them handedly.

Taking on Neverember's Request
The group is charged by Lord Neverember to find the Heir.

7 Kythorn, 1479 DR

1. General Sabine escorts the party to a meeting room within the Hall of Justice. There, they meet a collection of strange characters, including a young satyr named Akakios. They notice that Ellesmere is nowhere to be found.

2. Lord Neverember arrives and explains that all of the guests have encountered the Heir. Neverember wants to arrange a meeting with the Heir to determine the legitimacy of his claims.

3. Neverember offers the group 1000 pieces of gold if they find the Heir. Akakios is inadvertantly paired with the party. The party accepts Neverember’s offer.

4. The party sets off on a courier carriage provided by Lord Neverember. As it proceeds to the east side of the Protector’s Enclave, they find a group of ruffians are trying to open the gate to the Plaguescarred region of the city.

5. The ruffians are quickly dispatched. Ieuan asks one of them why they were trying to open the gate. All he learns is that somebody hired them to “test the defenses” of the gate. Disatisfied, Ieuan executes the ruffian.

6. Seldra Tylmarande appears and congratulates the party on stopping the ruffians. Ieuan and Paetr confront her. She admits that she gave the crown to the Heir and that she is not supposed to even be in Neverwinter. She pleads with the party, asking them to meet with the Heir before they pass judgment on her. Iuean agrees to meet with Seldra again in four days at the Beached Leviathan.

7. The courier carriage resumes its journey to the Blacklake District. It arrives at the Winged Wyvern bridge, where a significant contingent of Neverember’s mercenaries bar access to anybody not on official business. Showing the official badges provided by Lord Neverember, the party proceeds across the bridge.

8. The courier carriage breaks down as it crosses the bridge. The driver apologizes but informs the group that he can no longer take them to Blacklake. Ieuan is not pleased.

9. As they cross the bridge into the Blacklake District, a group of plaguetouched creatures break out of a nearby house and attack.

10. As they defeat the monsters, they head to the House of a Thousand Faces, a notable public house in the Blacklake District.


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