The Beached Leviathan

Beached leviathan


At first glance, the Leviathan is a large ship, beached on the shore, with an attached building and docks built around it. Further examination reveals that the Leviathan is exactly that.

Located on the waterfront in the Blacklake District, the Beached Leviathan is an inn and bar, founded by former pirate captain Harrag. The name of the inn pays homage to Harrag’s ship, the Leviathan, which ran aground during a storm before the docks had been rebuilt. The tavern is built into and around the hull of the old ship.

The Leviathan’s Clientele

Any number of shady characters come through the Beached Leviathan, but a number of respectable people have been known to frequent the bar as well. Several members of Lord Neverember’s cabinet have been seen frequenting the establishment and some say the Harrag has some respect for Neverember and his efforts to rebuild the city.

The Beached Leviathan

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