The Calendar of Harptos

Calendar of Harptos

The Calendar of Harptos, named after the long-dead wizard who created it, is used widely throughout Faerûn. It consists of 365 days divided into twelve thirty day months with five holidays scattered throughout the year. Ever four years, there is an added day, a feast day known as Shieldmeet.

Every month is divided into three ten-day weeks, known as runs. The days of the run do not have specific names other than a reference to which numbered day it is in sequence (ones-day, twos-day, etc.). When referring to a specific date of the month, one normally refers to “3 Mirtul” or “10 Kythorn.”

The Roll of Years

Some kingdoms have their own way of tracking the passing of the years. The most widely recognized method is the Dalereckoning Calendar. It references the year in which humans were first allowed by elves to settle the more open regions of Cormanthor, eventually leading to the creation of the Dalelands.

The current year is 1479 DR, known as the Year of the Ageless One. The previous year was 1478 DR, known as the Year of the Dark Circle.

Months of the Year

Month Name Common Name
1 Hammer Deepwinter
Midwinter Annual Holiday
2 Alturiak The Claw of Winter
3 Ches The Claw of Sunsets
4 Tarsakh The Claw of the Storms
Greengrass Annual Holiday
5 Mirtul The Melting
6 Kythorn The Time of Flowers
7 Flamerule Summertide
Midsummer Annual Holiday
Shieldmeet Quadrennial Holiday
8 Eleasis Highsun
9 Eleint The Fading
Highharvestide Annual Holiday
10 Marpenoth Leaffall
11 Uktar The Rotting
The Feast of the Moon Annual Holiday
12 Nightal The Drawing Down

The Calendar of Harptos

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