Death Notice: The Rise of Thay

Taking on Neverember's Request

The group is charged by Lord Neverember to find the Heir.

7 Kythorn, 1479 DR

1. General Sabine escorts the party to a meeting room within the Hall of Justice. There, they meet a collection of strange characters, including a young satyr named Akakios. They notice that Ellesmere is nowhere to be found.

2. Lord Neverember arrives and explains that all of the guests have encountered the Heir. Neverember wants to arrange a meeting with the Heir to determine the legitimacy of his claims.

3. Neverember offers the group 1000 pieces of gold if they find the Heir. Akakios is inadvertantly paired with the party. The party accepts Neverember’s offer.

4. The party sets off on a courier carriage provided by Lord Neverember. As it proceeds to the east side of the Protector’s Enclave, they find a group of ruffians are trying to open the gate to the Plaguescarred region of the city.

5. The ruffians are quickly dispatched. Ieuan asks one of them why they were trying to open the gate. All he learns is that somebody hired them to “test the defenses” of the gate. Disatisfied, Ieuan executes the ruffian.

6. Seldra Tylmarande appears and congratulates the party on stopping the ruffians. Ieuan and Paetr confront her. She admits that she gave the crown to the Heir and that she is not supposed to even be in Neverwinter. She pleads with the party, asking them to meet with the Heir before they pass judgment on her. Iuean agrees to meet with Seldra again in four days at the Beached Leviathan.

7. The courier carriage resumes its journey to the Blacklake District. It arrives at the Winged Wyvern bridge, where a significant contingent of Neverember’s mercenaries bar access to anybody not on official business. Showing the official badges provided by Lord Neverember, the party proceeds across the bridge.

8. The courier carriage breaks down as it crosses the bridge. The driver apologizes but informs the group that he can no longer take them to Blacklake. Ieuan is not pleased.

9. As they cross the bridge into the Blacklake District, a group of plaguetouched creatures break out of a nearby house and attack.

10. As they defeat the monsters, they head to the House of a Thousand Faces, a notable public house in the Blacklake District.


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