A mystical dryad learned in the ways of necromancy who set out to find somebody she lost.


Ellesmere comes from a large and very old swampy forest with her Hamadryad friends. She chances upon a mage in the swamp who teaches her necromancy. She finds herself a quick study and is fascinated by what she learns of the outside world’s fear of death and decay, something she considered very beautiful and essential as witnessed and understood in the world she knew.

The other Hamadryads shunned her for this interest in the necromantic arts and forbade her from using it, until the other races came and sought to destroy the swamps for profit and land. Ellesmere successfully fought off with her abilities and frightened the would-be destroyers of her home, and it was realized by her sisters that she need go out and hone her abilities while learning of the outside world. Only then could she protect them and teach them how better to protect the lands that they loved.


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