Orsino Fortanbras III

A rogue, a con man, a forger, and a dandy with a rapier and crossbow




House Fortanbras is a small noble house with a long and undistinguished history involved in the lower end of the shipping and trading interests of Waterdeep. While not being the upper curst of the upper crust, the Fortanbras family was far from being at the bottom. Like most of the nobility, the Fortanbras family had an exquisite pedigree and a wide range of characters in their family tree, from black sheeps to heroes. It was said that the found of the the house, William the Founder, was to have accumulated his wealth from piracy along the Sword Coast and Moonshae Isles before settling down in Waterdeep as a merchant and trader. There was Bassanio Fortanbras who was said to have helped the first King of Neverwinter win his crown. And a handful of soldiers, diplomats, magicians, bishops, adventures, black mages, bureaucrats, but mostly traders and merchants. Perhaps it was this that kept them from breaching the upper crust of Waterdeep.

Over the centuries the prestige and wealth of the Fortanbras family went into a slow decline. It was Lord Orsino Fortanbras II that decided to tackle the problem of the declining fortune since there was little he could do about their prestige. It started with the selling off of a few Fortanbras heirlooms that had been sitting around the estate for generations. Since it could be unseemly to stoop to becoming a merchant, it was decided that there was a way to make money off the raising merchant class. These new rich merchant class were awash in gold, but short on heritage and prestige. They were eager to have antiques to display in there new mansions and castles. Aristocracy is hereditary, but the trappings can be bought. Orsino II slowly expanded his operations to selling artworks from other families. These families, often wanting to remain anonymous, would use Lord Fortanbras II as a go between for these transactions for a small fee.

Orsino III was brought quickly into his family’s “trade” due to the untimely early death of Orsino II in a baking accident. Orsino III was surprised to inherit near empty coffers when he was formally bestowed his title and estate. Orsino III quickly realized he had a uncanny talent for the family’s new endeavors and realized that he could save time and money by skipping the third parties and started producing excellent forgeries to sell to the rising merchant class. From there he expanded his operations to finding rare or specific items that he could steal and create false pedigree paper to sell to a specialized market.

In order to protect himself, Orsino III created the persona of the notorious burglar “The Phantom” which allowed him to steal good without causing suspicion to fall upon himself. To add further confusion, Orsino III also created the alias of Charles Finley that he used when he was fencing goods, dealing with other fences, or working as an agent of “The Phantom.” “The Phantom” would occasionally be commissioned by a buyer to steal a rare piece and replace the original item with a well crafted forgery. Sometimes Orsino would do a “Yves Chaudron” ploy, which entails stealing a famous piece of art work then selling forgeries to several different buyers.

Plots & Intrigues:
None. The clan has often been to small or insignificant to be a major player in the game of thrones. More recently the clan has focused their attention on restoring their coffers to their better days.

House Fortanbras is located in the center of Northward in a small Villa staffed by 5 (butler, gardener, cook, maid, and retired butler) and houses the extended family of 6 (Mother, 2 cousins, 2 second cousins, and 1 third cousin). Gone missing is a younger brother and various cousins.

Orsino’s network of contacts include:

Adventuring gear:
Essimuth’ Equipment
The Fishscale Smithy
The Metal House of Wonders
Nestaur the Ropemaker
Old Knot Shop
Talnu’s Ropeworks
Telethar Leatherworks

Melvar’s Chapbooks & Folios
Serpentil Books & Folios

Cobblers’ and Corvisers’ House
Costumers’ Hall
Meiroths’s Fine Silts
Melgards’s Fine Leathers
Meraedos Fine Furs
Nelkaush the Weaver
Nurneene’s Marvelous Masks
Piatran’s Clothiers
Raathan Furriers
Rebeleigh’s Elegant Headwear
Sulmest’s Splendid Shoes & Boots
Telethar Leatherworks
Thentavva’s Boots

Bhephel’s Bottles
Golden Horn Gambling House
The High Flagon
The House of Good Spirits

Diloontier’s Apothecary
Phalantar’s Fhiltres & Components
The House of Healing
Golden Horn Gambling House
Grinning Lion, ask for Hala Myrt

Extraordinary natural items:
The House of Gems
Ilizmmer VillaLathuke Villa
Massalan Villa
Olmhazan’s Jewels
Halazar’s Fine Gems
The Old Monster Shot
The Old Xoblob Shop
Sea Elf Trading Outpost

Magic items:
Aurora’s Realms Shop
Balthorr’s Rare & Wondrous Treasures
Halaster’s Heirs
Thayan Embassy

Diloontier’s Apothecary
Tessalar’s Tower
Thayan Embassy
Phalantar’s Philtres & Components

Tower of Order
Thayan Embassy

Special substances and items:
Balthorr’s Rare & Wonderous Treasures
House of Pride Perfumes
The Old Monster Shot
The Old Xoblob Shop
Phalantar’s Philtres & Components
Sea Elf Trading Outpost

Stolen property:
Bellister’s House, ask for Lurth
Grinning Lion, ask for Hala Myrt
Balthorr’s Rare and Wonderous Treasures
The Bloody Fist, ask “One-Eyed Jukk”
Crommer’s Warehouse
Orsabaa’s Fin Imports
Phalantar’s Philtres & Components
Serpentil Books and Folios
The Thirsty Throat

Tools and skill kits:
Essimuth’s Equipment
Gerfuril the Trader
The Metal House of Wonders

Guilds and Merchants:
Carpenters’, Roffers’, & Plaisterer’s Guild
Council of Musicians, Instrument-Makers, & Choristers
Dungsweepers’s Guild
Fellowship of Innkeepers
Order of Master Tailors, Gloves, & Mercers
Scriveners’, Scribes’, & Clerks’ Guild
Vintners’, Distillers’, & Brewers’ Guild

Orsino Fortanbras III

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