A streetwise boy trained in the lethal arts of the ninja, on a mission to solve the murder of his sensei.


Human, Assassin (Ninja)
Human Power Selection Option: Heroic Effort
Pivotal Event: Murder

STR 10, CON 10, DEX 20, INT 9, WIS 10, CHA 14

STR 10, CON 10, DEX 20, INT 9, WIS 10, CHA 14

AC: 20 Fort: 13 Ref: 18 Will: 15
HP: 27 Surges: 7 Surge Value: 6

Acrobatics 11, Bluff 8, Intimidate 8, Stealth 12, Streetwise 8, Thievery 12

Arcana 0, Athletics 1, Diplomacy 3, Dungeoneering 1, Endurance 1, Heal 1, History 0, Insight 1, Nature 1, Perception 1, Religion 0

Dead Rat Deserter Utility: Body of the Rat
Human Racial Power: Heroic Effort
Assassin Attack: Ninja-to Rush
Assassin Attack: Poisonous Shuriken
Assassin Attack: Whirling Kusari-gama
Assassin Attack: Assassin’s Strike
Assassin Utility 2: Smoke Bomb

Light Blade Expertise
Nimble Blade
Two-Weapon Defense
Weapon Focus: Light Blade

Leather Armor
Short Sword
Shuriken (x25)
Greenblood Oil
Bloodroot Poison


Paetr grew up as an orphaned urchin on the rough streets of Luskan. He has no memory of his parents whatsoever, and as such he tends to treat the streets – in particular the seedier denizens of whatever town in which he finds himself – as his real family. He’s a charming kid and managed to take care of himself for years as a child street performer.

One unfortunate night Paetr was dancing on a street corner and caught the attention of a small gang of travelling elven thugs who offered him a good amount of money to join them at a nearby tavern. Flattered, he was plied too easily with drugged wine, and he awoke to find himself kidnapped, far from Luskan at the elves’ camp on the eastern edge of Neverwinter Wood. A slave kept for cheap entertainment and the thugs’ physical desires, he was unable to escape for months until one night he was finally able to exact revenge. After the gang had drunken themselves into a particularly heavy stupor, he was dragged by one of the elves into the elf’s tent. However, seeing a brief glimmer of the hope of escape in the elf’s extreme inebriation, Paetr overtook the him and viciously – but silently – murdered him. Paetr then snuck out to the campfire with an armful of torchwood, and quickly set the entire campsite ablaze. As far as he knows, he killed every last thug in the fire.

Two weeks later, Paetr reappeared on the streets of Luskan in a daze, severely affected by his experience, and unaware of exactly how he had made it back to town. Desperate for some sort of reparation, he found himself working as a prostitute. He quickly earned a reputation among the Luskan criminal element for both his success at his new profession and his newly-found violent temper and taste for liquor, and he was soon asked to join the notorious Dead Rat Gang. He found little salvation in their midst, still working as a hustler but now also taking part in cons involving competing gangs and visiting noblemen, but he tried to view the gang as his new family.

One night however, at the same tavern as before, Paetr drunkenly angered some members of the gang who then overpowered him and savagely wounded him. He was left in the gutter outside, unconscious, where he was found by a travelling ninja assassin who took pity on the boy and brought him back to the assassin’s lodging at a nearby inn to look after his wounds. When Paetr finally regained consciousness two days later, he found himself in the care of the first real father figure the boy had ever known. Without a word to his fellow gang members, he left town with the ninja and began to train under him as a pupil. He mastered the ninja training with incredible skill and swiftness, wanting only to make his new master proud. After two years of living with the ninja, however, Paetr woke one morning to find his master killed in his sleep. Emotionally devastated, Paetr vowed to avenge his master’s death – although he has little in the way of clues to the identity of the murderer – and he has managed to call upon his ninja training to keep his focus.

Since the tragic loss of his master, Paetr has returned to the Sword Coast, working freelance as an assassin and adventurer-for-hire. He is still most likely to be found in the more dangerous parts of town, and he still considers the gutter his eternal home. He no longer works as a hustler, but he can still be found – when not on a job – at seedy taverns, drinking excessively, partying, and enjoying the attention of the men and women of the underworld; but all the while, deep inside, he is a newly born ruthless killer, cunning and deadly, who would do anything to avenge the murder of his master.


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