Tide Ripcurrent

Water-based Shifter Warden from Ripcurrent tribe of Impiltur, on his long wandering to be accepted as a man


Race: Longtooth Shifter
Class: Wildblood Warden
Theme: Watershaper
Background: Impiltur
Level 1

Starting stats: 19 STR, 14 CON, 10 DEX, 10 INT, 16 WIS, 8 CHA
Trained Skills: Athletics, Endurance, Nature, Perception

Equipment: Longsword, Heavy Shield, Hide Armor

At Wills: Thorn Strike, Weight of Earth
Encounters: Grasping Winds (L1), Buffeting Wave (Theme), Longtooth Shifting (Racial)
Dailies: Form of Winter’s Herald (L1)

Disciple of Stone


Tide has grown up as part of Ripcurrent, a small tribe of Shifters who historically made their homes in the cliffs above a bay not far from Lyrabar, in Impiltur. Not the usual Lycan shifters, this tribe is descended from water-dwelling orca people. The mystery of their origin is lost in time, but they have long maintained a shamanistic culture worshipping the primordial spirits of water and cherishing/preserving the sea. The Sea of Fallen Stars forms the basis of their existence, fishing and beach-combing for what they need to survive. The tribe has a history of maintaining trade with Lyrabar and keeping good relations with the merchants of the city, bringing a steady stream of fish, deepsea delicacies, and other hard to obtain underwater items to the merchants of the city.

After the Sea of Fallen Stars receded, the tribe struggled to adapt, moving their ancestral home to follow the ocean’s path. Once this was resolved, the next challenge was trade – Lyrabar had fallen to the corrupt influence of thieves’ guilds and crime lords less interested in preserving the sea and more willing to exploit the “freaks” capable of delving its depths. The city is no longer safe for the Ripcurrent tribe, and only those most skilled in concealing their identity as Shifters have traveled there freely in recent years.

Tide, the son of the long-time chief, has grown up in this tense climate, only hearing of the older days of prosperity. Trained in combat and the importance of preserving the balance of the sea, Tide has reached the age of maturity and recently been sent on his journey to achieve manhood. Young men of the tribe are expected to not return until they have obtained some important information, learned some skill, or bring something back of significant value to the tribe. Tide’s father has heard of the relative prosperity of the city’s of the west, and sent Tide to Waterdeep to study their economy and government, to learn what he can that the Ripcurrents might encourage Lyrabar in the same direction, and return to the time of peace and prosperity of the past. The young man set out to find a source of peace for his ancestral home, and in the process his destiny..

Tide Ripcurrent

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