Death Notice: The Rise of Thay

A Cautionary Tale

The Story of the REAL Heroes

The Cautionary Tale of Albus Merlington the Third:

This adventure will be a series of flashbacks, telling the story of Albus Merlington (when he was alive) and his old adventuring group, now a bunch of old retired adventurers. The story is essentially thus: At some point, Albus discovers the Thayan threat to Waterdeep. He begins taking actions, with the help of his old friends, to stop the Thayan plans, only to have them thwarted time and time again by the minions of Thay (a group of adventurers, known as the Waterdeep Adventurer’s Guild). Eventually, confronting the lich Valindra herself, Albus tries to work against Thayan interests from the inside. This leads to his invasion on the Thayan headquarters, the seizure of the Psychic Prison, and his eventual demise.

Yes. You read that correctly. This adventure is meant to be tongue-in-cheek. It’s the story of the “Real Heroes” and how your normal characters continuously thwart their efforts. Hopefully, it’ll be cute.

After talking to Josh, I thought we could try this at Level 13, just to give everybody a chance to flirt with high level. Imagine characters that USED to be the biggest, baddest adventurers on the Sword Coast but now they’re … well, old.

Bern – A priest of Waukeen who has become a successful if slightly sleazy speculator. Success has helped him enjoy the finer things in life clothes, food, drink wenches and any other indulgences he can think of. Skinny and non athletic in his adventuring days he has put on a lot of weight. He is a skinny guy with a big belly. The armor may not fit so well.


profound_dark oni206

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