Death Notice: The Rise of Thay

Arkon Asalym

The sub members of the Waterdeep Adventures Guild head out to rescue Albus Merlington from the Arkon crystal.

Dixon the Knight
Blump and Gump two headed Ogre mopper deckhand (Slayer)
Sorel the Ranger
Gilderoy Lockhart
Larry Porter the Mage

Short summary: The Perfect Prison – Newly promoted to PC Status, guild wizard Gilderoy convinces Archon and the rest of the W.A.G. that Albus Merlington, former Lord of Arcana, was simply misguided and not deserving of his fate entrapped in the Archon’s Phantom Psychic Matrix prison. Also that he may have critical information about the Thayan betrayers who have taken over the city. The team agrees, using a ritual Gilderoy has prepared using the Blue Dragon’s Teeth to delve inside Archon’s Phantom Psychic Matrix to seek out the former Masked Lord. Along the way, they run into an old friend and Archon wrestles with his newly found identity as a holding place for some of the worst criminals in the history of Faerun.


profound_dark oni206

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