Death Notice: The Rise of Thay

Sarta's Letter

Hello all,

I need to tell you all about the man we just ran out of town, the one who has been terrorizing the people of Icewind Dale. I called him Cecil Frostbottom but his real name is Cecil Kaltmort. We attended the Waterdeep Wizard academy together and worked for Waterdeep together until he was fired about five years ago.

Cecil doesn’t like me and blames me for being fired by the city. He also resented my superior performance in wizard school. He always viewed me as his chief rival, I never took him that seriously. It all started when Necromancy Professor Bizi-Iku was impressed with my class project in intermediate Necromancy ( a zombie rat with a flaming tail. Prof Bizi-iku was unmoved by Cecil zombie. The professor recruited me really hard into the Necromancy school. Cecil only got int after I turned the school down.

Many budding mages develop mild side effects of there talents early in their careers. For example, I sneezed flames for a couple of weeks. It was during allergy season, I nearly burnt down my rooming house, twice. These symptoms usually pass quickly a couple of weeks at most and are a manifestation of a mages field of study. They are the source of joking and ribbing among mages. Cecil’s was much worst, it was a freezing, charnal case of explosive diarrhea . It lasted several months. No one wanted to get near him, even his zombies seemed to shy away.

Mages, in general aren’t known for their social skills. Necromancer are generally anti-social, but Cecil was over the top. He animated a local homeless beggar as his zombie butler. Many people who knew the beggar were offended. He nearly started a major magical battle when he brought the butler to a lecture by a priest of the raven queen.

The only other student who saw something in him was the lovely Pani Klarneboa. I had hoped to get much closer to her while having my sneezing fits. Her side effect was that she spouted fresh clear water when she laughed. She thought flaming sneezes were hilarious (added bonus she put out any fires I started). Cecil grew jealous, although nothing had happened.

Well I graduated ahead of him, but neither of us were top of the class.

We both went to work for the City. I actually tried forming and alliance with him but he refused. His insistence on using is zombies for mundane tasks around the office alienated him to both coworkers and superiors and he was fired.

Cecil has obviously gotten a lot more powerful, but I don’t think he pull off the takeover on his own.

That’s All



profound_dark oni206

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