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Factions and Organizations in Faerûn

Uthgardt Barbarians: A history of the Uthgardt, specifically the Grey Wolf Tribe, as told to you by Ieuan.

Cult of Selune: About the Cult of Selune, as told by Ieuan the Devout.

Locations in Neverwinter

The Beached Leviathan: A inn and bar in the Blacklake District of Neverwinter.

Castle Never

The Hall of Justice: The former Temple to Helm, the Hall of Justice has been converted into the political center of Waterdeep, serving as the estate of the Lord Protector and site of the relevant administrative offices.

The House of a Thousand Faces

Locations in Waterdeep

The Adventurer’s Guild of Waterdeep: A guild of warriors, mystics, and ne’er-do-wells, the Adventurer’s Guild of Waterdeep serves the needs of people who have problems with which nobody else could help.

Blackstaff Tower

The Yawning Portal: The most notorious pathway into Undermountain, the Yawning Portal has served as the gateway to adventurer for many a foolish adventurer.

Almanac of Faerûn

The Calendar of Harptos: An explanation of the calendar system used in most of Faerûn.

The Pantheon of Faerûn: A description of the major gods of the Forgotten Realms.

Main Page

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